Winter in the Tropics

If you're sitting inside staring out at a cold, dark, and dreary winter day...we can't say we see the same thing. Here in the Caribbean, winter isn't a thing. We don't have icy stairs, there's no snow to shovel, and we don't have to lean into a frigid wind as we walk into work. Winter in the tropics is just another day in paradise.

Bay Islands Weather and Climate

In the Bay Islands of Honduras, we do experience different seasons. We enjoy a long dry season over the summertime, with the standard tropical weather bringing occasional storms across the sea. We're lucky, though, because our location protects us from the main hurricane belt of the Caribbean. We don't have to worry as much as our eastern neighbors since we're far enough south and west to not usually be in the path of a hurricane.

On the opposite end of the dry season is our winter rainy season. We do technically experience winter in that the temperature drops and we have more rainy days during the months of October through March. But when we say the temperature drops, we mean it might drop to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit...which is when we all pull out our sweatshirts and long pants to bundle up!

The rainy season isn't monsoon season, either. We do experience lots of rain in the Bay Islands, which keeps our islands green and lush and beautiful. But throughout rainy season we also have ample sunshine and long stretches without any rain at all.

Winter in the Bay Islands

Many North Americans choose to spend their winters in the Bay Islands to escape the cold up north. Often called Snowbirds, these winter escapees seek sunshine and warmth for months at a time.

If you're from the U.S. or Canada, you can receive a tourist visa of up to 90 days upon arrival in Honduras. That grants you about three months of sunshine without having to worry about residency or long-term housing. You can spend your winter in the tropics where the snow and ice are far from your mind and from your doorstep.

Things to Do in the Winter

While winter in the Bay Islands is rainy season, that shouldn't prohibit you from enjoying lots of fun activities during your visit. After all, if you're planning to be underwater scuba diving during your trip, you'll be wet anyway! That rain won't bother you at all.

Something to keep in mind is the quick change of tropical weather. Don't worry if you wake up and it's pouring rain - in two hours it could be a picture-perfect day! Likewise, if you're out on the beach and a dark cloud starts drifting in, just pack up your things for a bit and head inside. The cloud will pass and you can go back to lounging in the sun soon.

When bad weather does come and stick around, there are still plenty of options to keep you entertained. The Bay Islands boast lots of delightful restaurants and entertaining bars for socializing. Many hotels or resorts offer entertainment on-site, too, from live music to shows to movie nights.

When bad weather happens, it's a good time to remember that you're on an relax, listen to the storm overhead, and enjoy the refreshing rain bringing new life to our jungle.

Besides, even a bad weather day in the islands is so much better than a freezing cold day in the snowy north! Come spend your winter in the tropics, where there's no shoveling required.

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