When to Visit Roatan

A very popular question among tourists is when to visit Roatan. Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for that particular question, because there is no bad time to visit Roatan! There are different seasons and different annual events that you might want to consider when planning your trip to Roatan, but in all reality, don’t worry about when to visit Roatan as if there is a time of year to avoid. It’s all tropical paradise!

High Season in Roatan

High season in Roatan references the tourism industry and the fact that certain times of year are busier than others. Given our location in the tropical Caribbean, Roatan sees more visitors during the winter months as people from North America and Europe head south in search of sunshine and warmth.

Also during the winter months, there are several holidays that allow people to leave for longer periods without worrying about taking time off of work. For Roatan, the high season is essentially between American Thanksgiving and Easter. During these months, hotels will be busier, activity providers might require advance booking, and the bars will be a bit more vibrant. If you’re visiting during high season, it’s advised that you book your accommodations and any must-do activities in advance so you make sure you don’t miss out.

Low Season in Roatan

Low season in Roatan is exactly the opposite of high season…obviously! The months with the fewest number of tourists are usually September and October, but throughout the summer months we see fewer tourists, just like most of the Caribbean. That being said, Roatan has been continuously welcoming more flights and more cruise ships during the summer each year, so the difference between high and low season is less dramatic each subsequent year.

If you’re visiting during low season, you can expect smaller crowds, but it’s still advised that you book your accommodation well in advance as some businesses take advantage of the low season to limit their hours or to close altogether for maintenance and repairs.

Rainy Season in Roatan

Rainy season in Roatan isn’t as bad as it may sound at first! Rainy season is our winter. Keep in mind that the island of Roatan is still in the northern hemisphere, so we do have the same winter months as you do up in North America and Europe. Rainy season begins in October and lasts until February usually.

Throughout these months, you’ll have some days filled with overcast skies and rain, while other days boast vibrant sun and high temperatures. This isn’t monsoon season with endless rain ruining your vacation, but it is certainly possible to have a few less-than-perfect days during rainy season in Roatan. If you’re coming to Roatan mainly to scuba dive, the weather shouldn’t affect your diving plans much. You might have to head to the south side to dive if a storm comes through, but on normal days in rainy season, you can dive with great visibility.

Semana Santa in Roatan

Semana Santa in Roatan is the busiest week of the year. Semana Santa is Holy Week, or the week leading up to Easter. In most of Central and South America, schools will close all week and many businesses will also shut their doors for at least Wednesday through Sunday. This brings many people out to the islands for a fantastic spring vacation.

As the Easter holiday date changes each year, Semana Santa changes, too. Check your calendar and decide if you want to come to Roatan during Semana Santa to join the extra festivities and fun, or if you’d prefer a quieter week with far fewer people on the beaches. It’s up to you and your type of vacation!

Other Annual Events in Roatan

Throughout the year, there are popular annual events that you might want to plan a visit to Roatan around on your calendar. A few regular events include the International Fishing Tournament in September, the Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition in May, and the Music Festival for the Angels in March.

There are lots of other fun events throughout the year that move around more, so if you’re interested in running events, music festivals, fundraising events, or more, you are likely to find something fun happening while you’re visiting the island. Ask your vacation rental property manager or your hotel concierge for a calendar of events during your visit.

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