All About West End Roatan

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, drawing the largest number of tourists via international direct flights and Western Caribbean cruises. With the convenience of a direct international flight of less than 3 hours to multiple U.S. cities, more and more tourists are heading to Roatan for a tropical escape. In this article, we’ll cover information all about West End Roatan, one of the most popular neighborhoods on the island.

West End Roatan

West End village is one of Roatan’s older neighborhoods, having been established by local families generations ago as a small seaside village. Today, it retains its cultural charm as a wonderful mixture of locals, expats, and tourists blend together to create a vibrant community.

West End is essentially one mile-long road beginning at Land’s End and ending along the stretch of beach between West End and West Bay. Along this mile of road you’ll find plentiful dive shops, restaurants, bars, gift shops, art galleries, boutique hotels, and budget hostels. The main beach of West End is Half Moon Bay, with a few docks and some amazing sunset views.

You can reach West End from all transportation hubs (international airport, ferry, and both cruise ship ports) via taxi or rental car. Within West End, you can walk everywhere you need to go. If you want to head to West Bay Beach, water taxis run between the West End Water Taxi Association dock in West End and West Bay during daylight hours.

Activities in West End Roatan

West End is known as one of the more popular tourist destinations for Roatan, with many activity providers ranging from dive shops to fishing tours. Along the main road you’ll find many scuba diving options, with more being added regularly to offer additional options and services to the increasing number of tourists. Additionally, you’ll find other tour activities including fishing tours, snorkel tours, underwater scooter tours, glass-bottom boat tours, kayak tours, and even the world-famous Stanley Submarine tour.

In Half Moon Bay, you might notice a sailboat listing to one side. Swim out there and climb aboard - it’s there for your enjoyment. There is a rope swing and a platform to climb up to, so you can launch yourself into the clear Caribbean Sea. The snorkeling out in Half Moon Bay is also extraordinary, with wonderful sightings along both shores of the bay – just be sure to watch out for boat traffic and stay within the swim zones for safety.

Accommodations in West End Roatan

West End is filled with small hotels, a few budget hostels, and a huge variety of vacation rentals available throughout the town and its fringes. You won’t find any large resorts in West End, so if you’re looking for that style of accommodation, you’re probably thinking of West Bay.

Hotels in West End usually have around ten rooms, offering guests an intimate setting with unique style and individual ownership. Vacation rentals vary from small locally owned cabins to modern condominiums with ocean views from the hilltop. You’ll certainly find whatever it is you’re looking for with the variety of accommodations in West End.

Dining and Drinking in West End Roatan

West End has an amazing array of international cuisine options, as well as a fun variety of bars and clubs. West End is the place to be for nightlife, with live music every night, and bars open later – especially on weekends. Along the main road through West End, you’ll find cafes, bakeries, local eateries and international flavors. Enjoy the variety and the convenience of having so many options at your doorstep if you’re staying in West End.


West End Roatan is a fun, vibrant, and affordable Caribbean vacation option. If you're ready to scuba dive or just want to be a beach bum for a week, head to West End for the vacation from reality you need. And if vacation isn't enough, join the expat community that already decided to ditch the office for a beachfront lifestyle.

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