Welcome to Roatan

It's a favorite expression for many people on this Bay Island...Welcome to Roatan! It's the first thing you hear as your plane touches down and your captain announces your arrival. It's the first thing you hear when you meet one of our Bay Islands Tourism Bureau official greeters inside the airport. It's the first thing you'll hear from your hotel or vacation rental manager as they welcome you into your temporary home in paradise.

Welcome to Roatan!

We are honored that you have chosen to visit us on your hard-earned vacation time, and we are ecstatic to show you around our favorite slice of paradise.

If you've been here before, you already know the amazing opportunities that await you during your stay. We often have return visitors. In fact, we often have visitors return frequently and then they just stop going home! We can't say we blame them...

As the official tourism bureau for the Bay Islands, we seek to ensure a smooth arrival, stay, and departure for all of our visitors. Whether you come by plane, cruise ship, ferry, or another boat, we want to make your vacation in Roatan the best it can be.

Learn More About Visiting Roatan

If you're seeking additional information for planning your trip to Roatan, try these sections of our website first:

Get to Roatan: Find out which airlines fly to Roatan, learn about cruises that stop in Roatan, and find out other ways to reach the island.

Where to Stay in Roatan: Read all about vacation rentals, how to find hotels, and the types of all-inclusive resorts we have in Roatan.

What to Do in Roatan: Learn about the various underwater activities Roatan boasts, but don't forget you can have fun on land, too!

Roatan Logistics and Insights: Check out the FAQs about visiting Roatan.

Learn More About Moving to Roatan

If you're ready to start living your dream of the island lifestyle, take a look through these sections for help moving to Roatan:

Roatan FAQ: Learn more about legal concerns, medical services, and financial issues.

Tips for Moving to Roatan: Including staying in touch, grocery stores, and plenty of real estate information (don't forget to check out the Roatan MLS).

We strive to be as helpful as we can be to all visitors to Roatan, so please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Contact us, or contact one of our members directly for specific questions about their services.

Additionally, don't forget to find us on social media and to add #go2Roatan to all of your vacation photos. We want to see you enjoying the good life here in the Bay Islands!

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