Visit Roatan in 2017

With each passing year, Roatan gains more and more international press for being a notable destination for both tourists and expats. You don't have to look very hard to find Roatan included in lists of top islands to live on. The media also loves talking about Roatan as an affordable destination where you can truly get on Island Time. We're guessing, since you're here, you've already seen this press coverage. So now it's time to start planning to visit Roatan in 2017!

Why Visit Roatan

Roatan offers something for everyone. Families love the convenient access Roatan offers, with multiple direct flights available from U.S. and Canadian cities. Couples love the romantic tropical setting Roatan provides, with countless boutique hotels and resorts providing for your every whim while offering privacy and tranquility.

Adventure-seekers love the variety of activities available both underwater and on land. And solo backpackers love the accessibility and affordability of Roatan, despite its increasing fame.

Visit Roatan to see and do it all, all within just a few hours' direct flight from Miami, Houston, Dallas, or Atlanta.

Visit Roatan in 2017

This year is the best year to visit Roatan. Well, we say that every year, of course! But there truly is no better time than the present. If you're considering moving to Roatan, it's always best to visit at least once before taking the leap. Repeated and extended visits are best to ensure you truly enjoy the island life and want to stay here long-term.

If you're just looking for somewhere new to explore, why not Roatan? Flights are convenient, activities are endless, accommodations are varied, and you could be here a week and not even come close to seeing all this island has to offer.

If you've been to Roatan before, we think it's time for you to come back! Come back to see the locals you met who made your trip so enjoyable. Come back to refresh your soul and to get rid of all your stresses. Come to Roatan to remember just how beautiful our island is and just how much you love it.

This is your year...take that vacation, feel your worries slip away as you wade into the Caribbean Sea, and revel in the beauty that is Isla Roatan.

Visit Roatan by Cruise Ship

Roatan welcomes multiple cruise lines to our island via two cruise ship ports. You can visit Roatan on most Western Caribbean cruises. Common itineraries include Belize and Cozumel, plus Grand Cayman for some ships.

If you are visiting Roatan by cruise ship, there are many shore excursions you could enjoy, or create your own island tour, or just hit the beach for a few hours of sunshine and salt water. We know you'll enjoy it!

Take a look at our other suggestions for visiting Roatan by cruise ship and be sure to book your shore excursions in advance so you don't miss out on anything!

Are you planning to visit Roatan in 2017? Tell us why and share your plans on social media using #Go2Roatan. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful island!

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