Tropical Paradise in the Bay Islands

There's something so magical about the vibrant colors and fragrant scents of the tropics. The flowers, the fruit trees, the sunshine and warmth...this is our tropical paradise in the Bay Islands. We are surrounded every day with these stunning features of the Caribbean. Come explore for yourself to understand the beauty we bask in every single day!

Tropical Flowers

The Bay Islands are home to countless varieties of tropical flowers. Throughout the year, different flowers bloom to remind us how lucky we are to call this place home. From bountiful bougainvillea to exotic hibiscus of all shades and colors, the Bay Islands become a kaleidoscopic display when the tropical flowers are in full bloom.

Enjoy a walk through one of the botanical gardens in Roatan to learn more about the many varieties of tropical flowers that grow in this region.

Tropical Fruit

Have you ever seen a cashew tree? How about a mango tree? Do you know what apple bananas are? All of these and more grow in abundance in the Bay Islands. In rotating seasons, you'll see and smell different tropical fruits growing throughout our isles.

Cashew fruit is very juicy and sweet - it's even used to make wine in Roatan. You can eat these colorful fruits straight from the trees. Just rinse yourself in the sea afterward so the bugs aren't attracted to the fruit juice all over your arms and face!

When mango season comes around, never pass up an opportunity to dig into one of these fresh off the tree. And apple bananas...well, you just need to try one for yourself. They look like miniature bananas, but they taste like Granny Smith apples. They're something to behold!


One of the best aspects of life in the tropics is enjoying the warm climate year-round. We never worry about snowstorms, no icy sidewalks here, nor do we have to scrape the car for 30 minutes each morning before heading to work.

Here, we dig our toes deeper to find cooler sand below the surface. We sprawl out in a hammock slung between two palm trees to sway in the breeze. We lounge in the sun aboard a catamaran while waiting for our dinner to grab the bait. And that's just a normal day in January.

Tropical Paradise in the Bay Islands

There's no denying that our beautiful Bay Islands of Honduras are a true tropical paradise. We are lucky to live here and to bask in this natural beauty all year long. We hope you'll at least join us for a visit to see for yourself!

Come join us in our stunning paradise. Use #go2Roatan in all your social media posts about visiting the Bay Islands of Honduras.

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