Things to Do in Utila

A visit to the Bay Islands of Honduras isn't complete unless you've seen the wondrous beauty underwater. This is never truer than in Utila. When considering things to do in Utila, you simply must account for lots of water activities, from the surface to the depths!

Learn to Dive in Utila

Learning to scuba dive can push your budget to its limits. Luckily, Utila is one of the cheapest destinations in the world where you can learn to scuba dive. There are multiple dive shops on the island offering everything from introductory diving to full courses to become scuba certified.

If you've never tried diving before, Utila is the ideal place to learn. Incredible diving conditions will make you feel safe and comfortable, all while the underwater world entertains and amazes you.

Swim With Whale Sharks in Utila

Utila is known worldwide as a premier destination for seeing these magical creatures up close. Whale sharks regularly migrate past Utila, close to shore so you can hop into a boat and get in the water only minutes away.

It's a life goal for nearly every marine life lover on Earth: swim with whale sharks. It's something you can almost guarantee if you visit Utila. Of course, nothing is for sure since the Caribbean isn't an aquarium (although it looks like one!), but Utila enjoys year-round sightings of whale sharks.

Become a Dive Pro in Utila

So you already know how to scuba dive and you're just itching for the opportunity to become a dive pro? Come to Utila. In Utila, you can complete your Divemaster internship and the IDC (Instructor Development Course) without breaking the bank.

Dive centers in Utila charge less than you'll find in most other parts of the Caribbean, and the cost of living while completing your programs is very low. Become a dive pro in Utila if you want to work in the dive industry but can't splash cash around during several months of training.

Other Things to Do in Utila

Utila is known as a backpacker destination, especially for cheap scuba diving. If you're hoping to save a few pennies while staying for a while on a tropical island, Utila is your best bet in the Caribbean.

With lots of backpackers also comes lots of fun! Utila knows how to party, from everyday sunset drinks that turn into all-nighters to the annual SunJam music festival. If you're ready to throw back a few (or many) drinks with new friends, Utila will not disappoint.

Beyond the party scene, Utila also offers a small and accessible island for you to get off the road and explore. Walk up to the top of Pumpkin Hill, explore some tropical jungle just outside of town, and get your tires dirty renting a scooter or four-wheeler to explore the rest of the island.

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