Things to Do in Guanaja

The gorgeous green isle of Guanaja is a magical location to visit. The views and natural beauty will simply astound you - as they have every visitor since Christopher Columbus. Guanaja is not as easily reached as Roatan or Utila, but the effort is well worthwhile once you can enjoy all the wondrous things to do in Guanaja.

Go Hiking in Guanaja

Guanaja offers beautiful nature walks and hikes through some marvelously wild terrain. Explore the island on foot to catch sight of tropical birds in treetops, sunbathing reptiles galore, and stunning lush jungle.

Guanaja is also unique with its waterfall - the only one in the Bay Islands and a sight to behold! Walk up with a local guide or with friends and enjoy the beauty before you. Take in all the panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea below.

Things to Do in Guanaja in the Water

Guanaja enjoys the same stunning underwater marvels that Roatan and Utila offer visitors. The difference with Guanaja is the dramatically lower rate of tourism. You will rarely see another dive group in Guanaja - it is more likely to just be you, your dive buddy, and your guide exploring the depths in total serenity.

Another popular activity in Guanaja is deep sea fishing. Head out with a local guide and catch your dinner to grill up later. You can expect to see tuna, barracuda, wahoo, dorado, jack, mahi-mahi, marlin, grouper and king mackerel.

In addition to these guided activities, you can also do plenty of exploring of the water on your own. Head out to snorkel or kayak along the shore to the nearby coral reef. You can go out for a swim each morning or just wade into the clear waters to cool off each day. A visit to Guanaja is about pure serenity and tranquility.

Visit the Venice of the Caribbean

The majority of the population in Guanaja live in Bonacca or the Cay, which is known as the Venice of the Caribbean. Homes are built tightly together on the small cay just off the main island, creating a unique sight. You can meander the walkways or just go around the cay by boat to get where you need to go.

Other Things to Do in Guanaja

Guanaja is the Caribbean as it used to be. You can truly escape the modern world by visiting this beautiful island. Forget your stress from work and leave your technological toys inside.

A visit to Guanaja is to relax and rejuvenate...let nature take over and set you onto true Island Time. You'll go home feeling better than ever!

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