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Visit Roatan in 2017

With each passing year, Roatan gains more and more international press for being a notable destination for both tourists and expats. You don't have to look very hard to find Roatan included in lists of top islands to live on. The media also loves talking about Roatan as an affordable destination where you can truly…
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New Flight to Roatan on Cayman Airways

Cayman Airways has just announced a new route to Roatan. This new flight will help connect the islands, which are both popular amongst regular visitors to the Caribbean. This new flight to Roatan is a welcome addition to the many other gateways Roatan already enjoys. New Flight to Roatan The twice-weekly service will begin in March…
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Music Festival for the Angels in Roatan

It's that time of year again! The Music Festival for the Angels is a massively popular annual event in Roatan to raise money for two local charities. This annual celebration brings together residents and tourists for a day-long event featuring a line-up of local and visiting musicians, plus food, drinks, and other entertainment for the kids.…
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Visit Mainland Honduras

Visit mainland Honduras for an extended trip through our beautiful country after visiting the Bay Islands. Our islands make up only one of 18 departments in the country. Each area offers outstanding natural beauty and lots of fun things to do and see. Here are some recommendations for a trip from the Bay Islands Travel…
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Visit La Ceiba Honduras

There are so many adventurous outdoor activities you can do on a visit to the Bay Islands, yet there are still a few that we simply don't have. But a quick hop over to the coastal city of La Ceiba should make up for what we're lacking. Visit La Ceiba for more outdoor adventure, for…
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Mayan Ruins of Copan in Honduras

The earliest signs of human habitation in the Bay Islands are the Paya, or Pech, who were present at the time of Christopher Columbus' landing in 1502. Before that, we have no indications of any residents on our beautiful islands. The mainland of Honduras, however, has ample indications of civilizations centuries before Europeans arrived. The Mayan…
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Travel to Honduras

The Bay Islands is only one of 18 departments in Honduras that each boast natural beauty and cultural diversity. A visit to the Bay Islands should be just a part of your trip to see even more of Honduras. If you'd like to travel to Honduras, here are a few tips and suggestions to make…
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Tourist Information for Roatan

A visit to the Caribbean island of Roatan will delight the senses...breathtaking views, fragrant tropical flowers, the cheery birdsongs that wake you up each morning. A vacation to Roatan truly refreshes you. If you're planning a visit to our lovely isle, here's some valuable tourist information for Roatan to help you stay organized. Get to…
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Honduran Holidays to Know

Whether you're visiting the Bay Islands for vacation or planning to move here to become an expat, it's good to understand when there are major holidays that could disrupt regular business. Here is a comprehensive list of Honduran holidays that might affect your visit to the Bay Islands. National Honduran Holidays These are dates when…
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Flights to Roatan

There are so many ways to get to Roatan for your dream vacation! From Western Caribbean cruises to direct international flights, Roatan is becoming more and more accessible regardless of where you live. If you want to spend more than one day on the island, take a look at all of these options for flights…
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How to Pronounce Roatan

If you’re wondering how to pronounce Roatan, you’re not alone. The Caribbean island of Roatan has been owned and named and renamed by so many different groups that its name remains a little bit of a mystery. The History of Roatan After Christopher Columbus and his crew first sighted the island of Guanaja, the Bay…
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Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition

The Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition is held in Roatan every year at the end of May into the beginning of June. For one week, competitors from around the world come to West Bay Beach in Roatan to test their own limits and to consistently break records as they reach new depths on a single breath.…
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