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Medical Services in Roatan

Whether you're traveling to Roatan or moving to Roatan, we always think it's a good idea to be aware of available medical care. There are a variety of medical services in Roatan should you need any care while you're on the island, ranging from pharmacies to full hospitals. Here are the details for what you…
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Bring Donations to the Bay Islands

If you're hoping to do some good during your vacation to the Bay Islands, there are multiple organizations working in the area to help our communities. As in communities all around the world, residents in the Bay Islands support each other and work toward improving our neighborhoods. Whether your area of interest is schools, healthcare, child…
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Safety in the Bay Islands

Anywhere you travel in the world, it's important to understand your destination in terms of safety. Whether you travel to a city near your hometown or to a foreign country, if you're unfamiliar with an area there are certain steps you should always take. Safety in the Bay Islands is just like safety back home…
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Welcome to Roatan

It's a favorite expression for many people on this Bay Island...Welcome to Roatan! It's the first thing you hear as your plane touches down and your captain announces your arrival. It's the first thing you hear when you meet one of our Bay Islands Tourism Bureau official greeters inside the airport. It's the first thing…
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Sand Fleas in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands of Honduras are lush, tropical isles filled with flora and fauna natural to this part of the world. You will find cute little agoutis and brightly colored lizards, ancient-looking iguanas and stunning tropical birds. And - of course - you will also find insects. So, yes, there are sand fleas in the…
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