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All About French Harbour Roatan

There are multiple fun neighborhoods to check out while visiting Roatan, and each is unique in its offerings. French Harbour boasts several activities that are only available in this part of the island - reason enough to spend a day here, if not your whole vacation! Take a look at all that French Harbour Roatan…
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Visit Cayos Cochinos in Honduras

Cayos Cochinos consists of two main islands and 13 more small coral cays, resting about 19 miles from La Ceiba. These small isles are the closest of the Bay Islands to the mainland of Honduras. Visit Cayos Cochinos from Roatan or from La Ceiba for a truly magical experience. About Cayos Cochinos Cayos Cochinos, or the…
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Buy Honduran Gifts and Souvenirs

Wherever you travel in the world, it's nice to be able to bring home memories of your journey. If you want to buy Honduran gifts and souvenirs, there are multiple options in the Bay Islands for shopping. This list isn't exhaustive, but here are several options to consider if you're traveling to the Bay Islands.…
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Tropical Paradise in the Bay Islands

There's something so magical about the vibrant colors and fragrant scents of the tropics. The flowers, the fruit trees, the sunshine and warmth...this is our tropical paradise in the Bay Islands. We are surrounded every day with these stunning features of the Caribbean. Come explore for yourself to understand the beauty we bask in every…
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Things to Do in Guanaja

The gorgeous green isle of Guanaja is a magical location to visit. The views and natural beauty will simply astound you - as they have every visitor since Christopher Columbus. Guanaja is not as easily reached as Roatan or Utila, but the effort is well worthwhile once you can enjoy all the wondrous things to…
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Whale Sharks in the Bay Islands

Whale sharks are some of the most majestic and awe-inspiring creatures you could encounter in the deep blue sea. We are very lucky with frequent sightings of whale sharks in the Bay Islands. Their migratory path passes by us, offering regular opportunities to see these magnificent creatures up close. If you want to see whale…
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Hiking in Roatan

Roatan offers visitors an incredible variety of activities to enjoy throughout the year. While the majority of our activities understandably revolve around the water, there are lots of other options for fun on land. If you're interested in going hiking in Roatan, you have a few options to consider for your visit. Roatan's Topography The…
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Land Activities in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands offer visitors an endless array of activities to enjoy. If you're coming to Roatan on a cruise ship or visiting any of the Bay Islands for a full vacation, we're sure you'll find something fun to do. While we're famous around the world for our exceptional scuba diving and snorkeling, don't forget…
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Sand Fleas in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands of Honduras are lush, tropical isles filled with flora and fauna natural to this part of the world. You will find cute little agoutis and brightly colored lizards, ancient-looking iguanas and stunning tropical birds. And - of course - you will also find insects. So, yes, there are sand fleas in the…
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What is a Monkey Lala

While a Monkey Lala sounds like it could be a dancing chimp, you might be surprised to learn that it has nothing to do with monkeys at all. In fact, there are two different types of Monkey Lala, and neither of them has to do with monkeys! So, what is a Monkey Lala you wonder?…
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Animal Encounters in Roatan

The island of Roatan offers an incredible array of activities and attractions for tourists visiting the island. If you’re an animal lover, you will be thrilled to know about the many animal encounters in Roatan that you can enjoy. Whether you’re visiting Roatan by cruise ship, or flying directly from international locations, or coming over…
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Flora and Fauna of the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands are known around the world for their amazing scuba diving and snorkeling. The marine life around these Bay Islands of Honduras is unparalleled in its diversity, and you’ll encounter some impressive creatures on a regular basis. But it’s not just the marine life that enchants visitors and residents alike. The flora and fauna…
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