Stay in Touch from the Bay Islands

Whenever you travel internationally, you might be concerned with how you can stay in touch with family and friends back home. While you should try to power off to truly relax while you’re resting on the beach, it’s still nice to know that you have options to stay in touch from the Bay Islands in case of emergency.

WiFi Accessibility

You’ll find that nearly all hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals in the Bay Islands will offer WiFi to guests. Where it might have been more difficult to keep in touch years ago when internet cafes were the norm and WiFi was unheard of, a visit to Roatan or Utila today will make it easy to stay in touch.

In addition to the WiFi at your accommodation, many cafes and restaurants will also offer WiFi at this point, making it easier for them to do business and easy for you to stay in touch.

As with most establishments back home, you will have to be a customer to utilize the WiFi, so please be respectful and be a true patron, not just getting a WiFi password and then taking a table for the day.

International Phone Calls

There are many mobile apps available that will enable you to make international phone calls if you need to stay in touch from the Bay Islands. Just to give you a few options – though this is not an exhaustive list and we do not have any business connections to any of these companies – here are a few suggestions for popular ways to make international phone calls without paying massive fees.

Utilize your WiFi connections offered and make audio or video calls via Skype, FaceTime (for iPhones), or Google Hangouts. You can also make regular phone calls on WiFi using WhatsApp or Viber.

Another option you may find at your vacation rental is a MagicJack phone. This phone also utilizes the internet and allows the owner to have a local phone number, so you can call the U.S. or Canada without international fees. This is a very popular option for homeowners, so you’ll likely find that available in vacation rentals, but always be sure to verify with your property manager before making phone calls – just to be sure you won’t be charged for international calls at the end of your trip!

International Text Messaging

Text messaging is the easiest way to let your friends and family know you’ve landed and are safe and having fun (of course!). There are several mobile apps that will allow you to use WiFi to text your contacts back home. As with the international phone calls, these apps are just suggestions of the most popular options used by folks in the Bay Islands, and we do not have business connections to any of these companies.

To text over WiFi, you can use iMessages for iPhones, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype messages, or Google Hangouts. All of these will allow you to set notifications to pop up as soon as you receive a message when you’re within a WiFi area – so don’t bother bringing your phone out to the beach with you! Just relax and enjoy a beautiful day in the sunshine, without the attention being on your phone.

After all, you're in paradise! Stay in touch as needed, but try to enjoy the moment and take in all the natural beauty around you.

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