Spend the Holidays in Roatan

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands with the highest population and the most eclectic array of residents and services for tourists. If you opt to spend the holidays in Roatan, from Canadian Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve, you'll have plenty of fun celebrating! Here's a quick rundown of what you might find any given year in Roatan.

Thanksgiving in Roatan

There's Canadian Thanksgiving and then there's American Thanksgiving. In Roatan, there are large populations from both countries who call the island home, so you can bet that every year there's a big to-do for both holidays.

When you leave your home country, taking a bit of your culture with you helps ease the transition and the longing for the comforts of home. It's the same everywhere in the world and Roatan is no different.

If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving with your fellow Canadians, your best bet is to check out bars and restaurants owned by Canadian expats. You'll find several throughout Sandy Bay, West End, and West Bay that will offer some sort of celebratory meal or event, and plenty of new friends to share it with!

If you want to celebrate American Thanksgiving, just seek out the American expats! You'll find interesting takes on the traditional Thanksgiving meal on the island, and as always, lots of new friends to share a laugh and a toast.

Christmas in Roatan

Christmas is a big event in Roatan since it's celebrated not just by expats, but even more so in the local community. The truly fun part about Christmas in Roatan is the sheer diversity of celebrations.

You'll find Dutch Sinterklaas visiting children in West End and the annual Black Nativity play the week after. You'll see decorations saying, "Merry Christmas!" in more languages than you can count. You'll also hear of lots of events bringing the community together.

Fundraisers, annual parties thrown for all the kids in the neighborhood, and several options for church services of many different denominations. If you're planning to dine out on Christmas, take a look at special festive menus as they start posting in December, and be sure to book your favorite spot early!

New Year's Eve in Roatan

Roatan loves an excuse for some fireworks, so you can bet that New Year's Eve is a time to light up the sky! Most hotels and resorts will have some sort of celebration, and the bars will of course be on hand to supply libations and good cheer.

Just remember, New Year's Eve in Roatan isn't a time to bundle up against the frigid cold. Here, you can don your flip flops and let your hair down - the Caribbean is the ideal location to welcome in a new year with sunshine and with warm starry nights.

Holiday Giving in Roatan

The holidays are a time to celebrate community and to support your neighbors, which is a common practice in Roatan throughout the year! If you're going to spend the holidays in Roatan, reach out to some local organizations to see if they need any donations. Clinica Esperanza has a medical supplies list on their website and multiple local groups work with kids on the island and could always use your assistance.

Spare a little space in your suitcase to bring down some school supplies or sports gear as gifts for the kids. Besides, that opens up space for you to pack some Christmas gifts to bring home at the end of your trip!

Don't forget to use #go2Roatan in all your social media posts! Show us your holiday spirit in Roatan!

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