Snowbirds in Roatan

Roatan is an ideal location for North American snowbirds escaping the winter cold up north. Direct flights from multiple U.S. and Canadian cities make the trip convenient and easy. A tourist visa upon arrival means no need for residency status for an extended stay. Snowbirds in Roatan also have ample to keep them entertained and occupied!

Many North Americans prefer to avoid the harsh winter months and head south to enjoy the sunshine instead. While you could choose to become a snowbird anywhere in the Caribbean, Roatan offers an extraordinary balance of fun, convenience, and a low cost of living.

Snowbirds in Roatan

Spending up to three winter months in Roatan can make you forget that winter is even happening back home. The only white stuff on the ground here is powdery sand and the only shoveling we do is to build sand castles.

For many snowbirds in Roatan, the first extended stay is the most fun. Making new friends, exploring new activities, and reveling in the adventure of island life is exciting. But each repeat visit makes Roatan feel more like returning home. Catching up with those friends and returning to favorite restaurants, helps reignite that love for all things tropical.

Snowbirds in Roatan tend to get very involved in the local community as well. Many help with local kids' organizations or coaching local teams or helping facilitate visiting veterinary clinics. There is always something to do to help in every community around the world, and expats in Roatan enjoy the opportunity to become part of that community fabric.

Roatan Snowbird Lifestyle

Most snowbirds in Roatan have been to Roatan as tourists before deciding to stay long-term. During those tourist visits, they try scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, and golfing. Getting a taste of all these activities helps potential snowbirds to see what life could be like for several months on the island.

Depending on what you want to spend most of your time on, you can choose to live in different areas of the island. For example, the only golf course is at Pristine Bay in French Harbour. If you want to spend your three winter months in Roatan golfing every day, it makes sense to live in or near Pristine Bay.

Besides golfing, many snowbirds take advantage of the lower cost of living in Roatan and enjoy dining out regularly. With the eclectic range of restaurants available, it's easy to enjoy international fare throughout the week without repeating countries!

The island's real estate opportunities enable these snowbirds to rent their home as vacation rentals throughout the rest of the year. Alternatively, snowbirds can rent a home for three months each year. Or change to a new rental every year to experience different areas of Roatan.

Visa Information for Snowbirds

If you're from the U.S. or Canada, you can enter Honduras without requiring an advance visa. Upon arrival, you'll be granted a tourist visa of up to 90 days, which is ideal for snowbirds.

If you're concerned about not being granted a full 90-day visa, be sure to show the immigration official your departing flight information to assure him or her that you intend to leave within that 90-day timeframe. Most North Americans have no problem receiving the full timeframe allowed.

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