Scuba Diving in the Bay Islands

Scuba diving in the Bay Islands is what started the tourism momentum years ago. Today, scuba diving is still the main draw for most tourists coming to Utila, Roatan, and Guanaja. There's plenty of good reason for that popularity, so let's jump in to see why you should go scuba diving in the Bay Islands.

Why Go to the Bay Islands for Scuba Diving

The Bay Islands of Honduras offer an easy destination for North Americans to take a vacation. Direct flights to Roatan from multiple U.S. and Canadian cities, plus many other regional flights direct to Roatan make the trip short and painless. Even getting to Utila or Guanaja is easier today than ever before.

Utila is known as the Whale Shark Capital of the World. All year-round, you have the chance to see and even swim with one of Earth's most magnificent creatures.

In Guanaja, you can go scuba diving where few people have gone before. The island sees fewer tourists than its sister islands, and dramatically fewer than the rest of the Caribbean. You can rest assured that diving in Guanaja offers truly pristine coral reef and abundant marine life to admire.

Roatan is one of the most popular places to learn to dive. Its convenience via international flights, plus its low-cost dive courses and affordable accommodations make it the ideal getaway for those who want to get certified to dive.

Throughout the Bay Islands, shallow dive sites and extensive visibility make it easy for newer divers to explore. More experienced divers are perpetually amazed by the diversity of dive sites just offshore, from walls plunging into the ocean depths to fascinating shipwrecks and fun swim-thrus.

Best Time to Dive in the Bay Islands

You can rest assured that diving is a year-round activity in the Bay Islands. We don't suffer from harsh winter weather, so our dive season is January 1st thru December 31st. No need for dry suits here!

Of course, there are still seasons in the Bay Islands. The winter months are our rainy season, so shallow visibility can sometimes be impaired. That usually affects snorkelers, though, and not divers.

Storms can affect diving, though. Luckily, the Bay Islands are not considered to be in the Hurricane Belt, so the summer months tend to be reliable diving weather.

The winter months (again, during rainy season) can bring the occasional bad storm through our region. When that happens, sometimes diving can continue on the protected side of the island you're on, but other times the seas are just too rough.

Overall, you can plan to dive at any time of year while visiting the Bay Islands, which we highly encourage you to do!

If you've never been diving before, this is an ideal place to learn. If you've been diving all around the world, we're sure you'll find the Bay Islands to rank up at the top of your favorites list.

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