Safety in the Bay Islands

It is our dearest wish that you come to experience the Bay Islands and enjoy a relaxing vacation in a safe and healthy environment.


If you are researching about traveling to the Bay Islands (Roatan, Utila and Guanaja), most likely you have encountered several articles, news and travel related sites warning about the dangers of traveling to Honduras.  While those concerns may be valid when traveling to certain specific areas in the mainland, we at the Chamber of Tourism of the Bay Islands want to take the time to explain to you why it is safe to travel to our undiscovered paradise.  Our track record speaks for itself!

Some areas in mainland Honduras have been in the news for the number of crimes per year, however these crimes rarely affect tourist visiting the country's mainland. The Bay Islands, up until a couple of decades ago were remote destinations, even when only 35 miles away from the mainland. The islands main commercial partner today is still the US, with cargo ships sailing every week from Florida to Roatan carrying most supplies consumed by residents and tourists. Also, most tourist that visit Roatan don't even set foot in mainland Honduras as is the case with cruise ship guests and airline travelers on non-stop flights from the US (click here for flight info).  And even when traveling on connecting flights via San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa's airports it is extremely safe.  The high cost of living on an island, precisely because everything is imported and fuel and electricity are  more expensive than in the mainland, also deter criminal minds from coming to the islands from the mainland as they would have to "work" harder to make a living.  All these factors added together explain why the Bay Islands are safer than any country in Central America and the statistics prove it.

There have, of course, been incidents in the Bay Islands that you are able to find on the internet, even sad cases where foreign residents have lost their lives.  Such incidents are counted with the fingers in your hands per year, and in most cases have underlying reasons (not that this makes them acceptable or less damaging).  For the approximately 1.2 million tourists per year that visit the Bay Islands, things go as planned and the Honduran Government, together with local authorities and civilian organizations like Canahtur Bay Islands, have placed a great deal of effort and coordination in providing the best security on the islands to protect our livelihood:  tourism, you.

When coming to our islands, we ask that you use common sense such as not flashing large amounts of cash or leaving valuables unattended, and most especially that you do not engage in any illegal activities such as buying or consuming drugs, prostitution or others that may put you in harms way.  It is our dearest desire that you come to the Bay Islands to enjoy a relaxing vacation in a secure and healthy environment.  Our members and services showcased on this site will provide you with all the information you may need for your visit.

If you are concerned about Zika disease on the Island, see here for more information.

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