Roatan Shark Dive

The Roatan shark dive is a very popular scuba diving option while you are visiting Roatan. While you might see sharks during normal dives, the Roatan shark dive basically guarantees an encounter to remember. We say “basically” because – of course – you can never guarantee anything with wild animals!

Where is the Roatan Shark Dive?

The Roatan shark dive is only conducted through one operator, Waihuka Shark Dive, based in Coxen Hole. If you are visiting Roatan and planning to dive all week, you will want to book your dives with an operator near your accommodations. Waihuka only does a shark dive, so you will not book your week of diving with them.

The dive itself is at a site called Cara a Cara, meaning Face to Face. The dive site is about a 25-minute boat ride from the Waihuka dive shop in Coxen Hole, and the south side waters are typically rougher than the waters off West End and West Bay. At a bottom depth of around 80', this is an advanced dive and you will be expected to have the skills and qualifications enabling you to dive to this depth with ease.

What Types of Sharks Will You See?

Typically during the Roatan shark dive, you will see Caribbean Reef Sharks. Often, there are anywhere from 10-20 sharks that will congregate at the dive site - typically all females. Of course, there is a chance you won’t see any, as these are wild animals and they are not caged in an aquarium.

Is the Roatan Shark Dive Safe?

Yes, the Roatan shark dive is safe. You must be an advanced diver for this dive because of the depth and the often more challenging dive conditions. Choppy water can make entry and surfacing more difficult, plus this area has occasionally very strong currents. If you are an advanced diver comfortable with more challenging dive conditions, you can do the Roatan shark dive for the experience of a lifetime!

How Can I Book the Roatan Shark Dive?

If you are staying in Roatan and diving with a shop for the week, ask your dive shop to book the shark dive for you. The dive is not usually included in dive package deals so you will be charged an additional fee for it. You will bring the gear you’re using at the shop (or your own gear), and a tank and weights will be provided by Waihuka. Again, the Roatan shark dive is only for advanced divers.

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