Roatan International Fishing Tournament

The Roatan International Fishing Tournament has been an annual tradition on the island since 1999. Each September, around the Honduran Independence Day celebration on September 15th, competitors from around the world come to Roatan’s West End to participate in one of the region’s premier fishing tournaments.

About the Roatan Fishing Tournament

Since 2010, the Roatan International Fishing Tournament has been a partner of The Billfish Foundation tag-and-release program, running the tournament in the catch-and-release style. Any boats bringing a marlin or sailfish will be immediately disqualified from the event. The tournament is an Offshore World Championship qualifying event, and its continued growth has established it as one of the premier fishing events in the entire region.

The Roatan International Fishing Tournament also serves as an Offshore World Championship qualifying event and is supported by The International Game Fish Association.

Deep-Sea Fishing in Roatan

Deep-sea fishing has become one of the most popular activities in Roatan, for both tourists and locals alike. The convenience of a short boat ride plus the variety of fish available has made Roatan a desirable destination for avid deep-sea fishermen.

Within only a few minutes’ boat ride from shore, you can find yourself over several thousand feet of water. That’s quite rare, since most deep-sea fishing locations require a long boat ride offshore before reaching fishing grounds. This allows visitors and locals in Roatan the opportunity to spend only a few hours fishing, rather than an entire day from dawn to dusk. Typical fish caught around Roatan include kingfish, wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi, and more.

West End Carnival

In September each year, you can head to Roatan’s West End for a festival celebration for the whole town. While competitors are out fishing, you can enjoy a fun day at the beach, incredible scuba diving or snorkeling, and ample options for eating and drinking right along the Caribbean Sea. The event is not to be missed if you’re headed to Roatan this year!

Take a look at this video made by the Roatan Travel Network highlighting the wonderful International Fishing Tournament:

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