Roatan Airport Greeters

Whether you've been to Roatan a thousand times or this is your very first visit, there's nothing quite like hearing the words, "Welcome to Roatan." We all love hearing it so much, that the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau has created a volunteer program for Roatan airport greeters. Our aim is to make your entry to our beautiful islands as pleasant as possible.

About the Roatan Airport Greeters

Created as a tourism venture by the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau, the Roatan airport greeters are local residents who volunteer to facilitate your arrival to the island. As you enter the Roatan international airport (officially called the Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport - code RTB), you'll receive a warm welcome from one of our volunteers.

Their primary purpose is to help answer any questions you may have upon arrival. Specifically, they want to help as you go through the customs and immigration process. As you know if you've ever travelled anywhere internationally, this can be a bit confusing since every country has its own unique process.

In Roatan, you'll be asked to fill out forms to present to the customs and immigration agent inside the airport arrival area. Our airport greeters are there to help you should you have any trouble completing your forms.

If you don't have any issues with the immigration forms or process, you can still ask questions! These volunteers are all local residents in Roatan, so consider them to be experts on everything from what's in the grocery store to how long the drive is to West Bay Beach. Feel free to ask questions - we're here to help!

Who are the Roatan Airport Greeters?

We have multiple regular volunteers who spend countless hours at the airport. These volunteers arrive early to help with the first flights that land and they stay late even if a flight is delayed. They are truly an indispensable resource!

All of the Roatan airport greeters have offered their time and expertise in an effort to help you. Some are American, some are Honduran; some are born and raised Roatanian, some are Canadian...we have volunteers from everywhere!

The program is operated by the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau, but the volunteers may or may not be involved as members of our organization. Feel free to ask them questions about any local business - they have all the insights you might need for a pleasant vacation.

About the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau

The Bay Islands Tourism Bureau is a membership-based organization committed to promoting our beautiful islands to the world. We aim to continuously develop our tourism industry in a sustainable fashion.

The Bay Islands Tourism Bureau is a chapter of the national Tourism Bureau of Honduras. CANATURH is the acronym in Spanish for the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras, of which the Bay Islands are a major component.

Membership in the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau is elective. Together, we meet on a regular basis throughout the year to discuss ongoing programs and new initiatives, all within the frame of improving and increasing the tourism industry in the Bay Islands.

On behalf of the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau, we'd like to welcome you to Roatan. We know you'll enjoy your visit to our beautiful island, and we hope our Roatan airport greeters make your initial entry to Roatan as pleasant and helpful as possible!

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