Rainy Season in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands of Guanaja, Roatan, and Utila are located off the northern coast of Honduras, in the Caribbean Sea. Because of that fantastic tropical location, we don't experience the terrible winter weather you might face up north in the U.S. and Canada. What we do have during those same months is called rainy season in the Bay Islands.

When is Rainy Season in the Bay Islands?

Rainy season in the Bay Islands basically corresponds to winter months in the northern hemisphere. You can expect more rain from October through April, with December through February seeing more rainy days and northerly storms.

When a northerly storm hits Roatan, it makes the waters along the northwestern shore much rougher than normal. Typically, you can relax on West Bay Beach and barely even hear the water lapping the sand. But during a northerly storm, the waves will crash and put on quite a show for you!

Throughout rainy season, we can still expect plenty of days filled with brilliant sunshine. We don't have months on end with monsoon-style rain. What we do experience is the occasional storm that lingers and drops a few days worth of rain, followed by a week with no rain at all!

Just like winter weather everywhere, there are colder days in the Bay Islands, too. Of course, when we say "cold" we mean anything in the 70s Fahrenheit (low 20s Celsius). That's about as cold as it gets in this beautiful tropical paradise!

What to do During Rainy Season

If you do visit during rainy season and happen to be unlucky with lots of stormy weather, don't worry, there's still plenty for you to enjoy! The Bay Islands are natural playgrounds, with our most impressive feature being our stunning Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

If you are a scuba diver, a little rain shouldn't deter you in the slightest! Should we experience major storms, that could possibly inhibit your diving options. Though, more frequently and especially in Roatan, we might experience a northerly so divers just head to the south side of the island instead.

If you're not a scuba diver yet, and you do run into lots of rainy weather, this is the perfect opportunity to learn to dive! Above the surface, the rain will deter you from beach lounging and from most water activities. Below the surface, you're wet anyway! Diving allows you to go deeper than the murky surface you might encounter while snorkeling in the rain.

Not a diver and don't want to try? That's okay, too. There's still shopping, dining, cafes, bars, and good old relaxation. There's nothing quite like a tropical rainstorm to make you sprawl out in the hammock on your covered patio and marvel at the smells of the jungle and the sounds of raindrops hitting the palm fronds. Enjoy the moment and let go of your stresses from home.

Should You Visit the Bay Islands During Rainy Season?

Should you visit during our "winter" season? Absolutely! Rainy season is actually the busy season in the Bay Islands - and the rest of the Caribbean for that matter. When it's freezing cold winter up north, come on down to more tropical climes.

Winter blues mean nothing to us, except vibrant skies after a rainstorm and varied shades of blue Caribbean Sea as far as the eye can see.

Come join us!

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