One Week in Roatan

A vacation in Roatan can be anything you want it to be: full of adventure and activity or utterly relaxing and stress-free. Here are a few ideas for one week in Roatan if you're coming to our beautiful island soon. Plan as little or as much as you'd like...but don't forget to set your watch to Island Time.

Get Underwater

You simply cannot visit Roatan and avoid the water. We are famous for our tranquil turquoise sea and mesmerizing coral reef just off shore. You can swim to the reef easily if you want to snorkel or head out on a designated snorkel trip to visit parts of the reef that might be farther away.

If you're coming to Roatan to scuba dive, you're in good company! There are plenty of dive shops on the island to fit anyone's tastes. If you want an all-inclusive resort, the on-site dive shop will take care of all your needs. If you prefer a smaller operation, there are ample to choose from throughout the western part of the island.

The Roatan Marine Park has designated over 50 dive sites around the island. Be sure to do your part as a diver and support the hard work the Marine Park has undertaken.

Explore the Mangroves

There are mangrove areas all around Roatan, but the East End boasts the largest area. Mangroves are vital nursery areas for juvenile fish and they also serve to clean the water of pollutants. Without mangroves, the entire island's ecosystem would be in serious danger. Exploring the mangrove tunnels carved by the Paya centuries ago, you can spot lots of wildlife and take in the beauty of these intricately interwoven trees.

Take a Sunset Cruise

What's an island vacation without a sunset cruise? There are lots of options in the West End/West Bay area for catamaran cruises. Some even have live music on board, creating quite a party for everyone!

Enjoy Eclectic Dining

Roatan offers visitors a little taste of everything - truly. With residents from around the world, the island's dining scene reflects that diversity. From Thai to Italian, Indian to Canadian, there are restaurants with authentic dishes from around the world. For a small Caribbean island, Roatan surely defies the norm!

Cheers to One Week in Roatan

Sunset drinks are a time-honored tradition on islands everywhere. Toast to another day in paradise and enjoy those iconic, breathtaking views as the sun sets over the horizon. If where you're staying doesn't have a flawless sunset view, head farther west at least once during your one week in Roatan.

There are vantage points along the main road centrally on the island or head all the way to West Bay Beach for a completely unobstructed view while your toes dig into the sand. Don't want to drive all that way? There's no better way to watch the sunset than aboard a boat. Head out from shore, idle a little while, and toast to the good life in Roatan.

What's your favorite itinerary for one week in Roatan? Show us what you love to do on the island on social media using #Go2Roatan.

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