Must-See Spots in Roatan

Roatan is a Caribbean island filled with endless fun and exhilarating activities. You can fill a vacation itinerary easily, but there will still be more to see and do while visiting Roatan. Here are our recommendations for must-see spots in Roatan that you just can’t miss.

Must-See Spots in Roatan for Amazing Views

Roatan's topography makes it an exceptional island for stunning ocean vistas. The main road of the island runs along the central ridge from east to west. As you drive east, there are multiple stopping points where you can pull off the road for beautiful views. After French Harbour, keep an eye out for areas to pull over to snap some photos.

If you're not heading that far east, you can also take some amazing photos of the south shore from the lighthouse on the main road headed to West Bay.

Must-See Spots in Roatan for Marine Life

You can't visit Roatan and not check out the vibrant world under the ocean's surface. Whether you choose a snorkel or a regulator, be sure to check out a few key spots around Roatan. If you're staying on the western side of the island, the snorkeling and diving right in front of West Bay Beach by the iron shore is exceptional. Swim out from in front of Grand Roatan Resort, and take a look for iguanas sunbathing along the iron shore before you stick your face into the water!

You can also spot some really fascinating creatures in Half Moon Bay along the shore near the sailboat. If you're staying in Sandy Bay, you can do the dolphin dive at Anthony's Key Resort, or head out from any of the docks for some easy snorkeling. Just be safe and watch out for boat traffic if you're anywhere near a channel. Take a surface safety marker with you as an extra precaution.

If you're staying farther east, you simply cannot miss snorkeling or diving near the Cow and Calf at Old Port Royal.

Must-See Spots in Roatan for Culture

Punta Gorda is mandatory if you want to learn anything about Roatan's Garifuna history and culture. You should also take a mangrove tour on Roatan's East End to see the tunnels carved out by the Paya who used to lived in Roatan.

Other intriguing spots include Gumbalimba Park, where you can learn more about the pirate history of the island, and Oakridge, where you'll see more traditional style of island homes on stilts over the water.

Must-See Spots in Roatan for Beaches

You simply can't take a vacation to a tropical Caribbean island and not check out some amazing beaches! Roatan has ample options to choose from, so see how many you can visit during your vacation.

West Bay Beach is obviously the most famous beach in Roatan, and it's becoming much more famous as the best beach in all of Central America. But head out east for completely empty beaches where you can truly find inner peace with just the ocean and the sunshine as your companions.

Camp Bay Beach, Paya Bay, and Marbella Beach are all usually quiet, yet simply stunning strips of sand along Roatan's north shore. You'll also find endless small bits of beach along the shore where vacation rentals and small hotels are popular.

You might even enjoy your own private beach at some vacation rentals. There's no better way to enjoy paradise than a private beach where the sand meets the Caribbean Sea.

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