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Congratulations on becoming a Member of the CANATURH BAY ISLANDS.  The next step is to get your subscription and listing ready so you can showcase your business and services or products to the world through our portal. These are the steps you must follow to add your listing to the site:



  1. Register to the site by clicking the button.  If you are already registered it will     take you directly to the Add Member page.  CLICK HERE
  2. Click on Add Member or Add Listing.
  3. Select the subscription package you wish to sign up for:
    1. Each package offers more benefits than the less expensive one such as more images, social media links, more text, add video, featured listings and more.  The more expensive the package the more exposure your business will have in the site.
    2. All packages are valid for 365 days after which you will have to renew your subscription to continue online.  You may wish to upgrade your subscription and may do so at anytime by signing in and selecting Upgrade Listing from your listing page, right side.
  4. Fill out all the information about your business as accurately as possible.  You   have a text editor available for your description to make it as better looking as   possible!
  5. Accept the Terms & Conditions and submit.
  6. Next page will be the review page.  Select Cash as payment type, review your information and when ready click submit.  You will still be able to edit your listing anytime with your username and password.  Click submit.
  7. Your submission will then saved and once payment for your subscription has been received in CANATURH Bay Islands it be published to go live.


  1. Each member is responsible for their own listings and content, remember that better images and well written text attracts more customers.
  2. CANATURH Bay Islands reserves the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate for tourism promotion of the Bay Islands at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  3. Your membership dues must be in current standing with CANATURH Bay islands, we reserve the right to get your listing offline if your account does not meet this criteria.
  4. You may, and we encourage you to do so, link back from your site to to improve ratings on both sites.
  5. As a member you are authorized to use the logo on your website and printed material exclusively for tourism promotional purposes.

If you have any questions about the listing process please contact Support Team by clicking the button below. 


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