Meet the Roatan Airport Volunteers

The Bay Islands Tourism Bureau started bringing volunteers to the Roatan international airport when immigration procedures changed back in 2014. In the years since, our volunteers have helped countless visitors and residents to smoothly get through the immigration and customs control...all with a smile and a friendly welcome! These Roatan airport volunteers are the first people you meet upon arrival and they can offer you some of the most valuable information.

The busiest day for the Roatan airport volunteers is Saturday, when several international flights arrive for people taking a week-long vacation in paradise. Our volunteers help facilitate your arrival, lining you up in the correct way at the immigration desk and ensuring you have all your proper documentation ready.

But our volunteers don't just do that...they also answer a wide variety of questions and generally chat with arriving passengers. If this is your first time visiting Roatan, the airport volunteers are a fantastic resource for you!

Some of our volunteers offered feedback on their experience and the comments (and compliments) they've received from arriving guests.

Meet the Roatan Airport Volunteers

Volunteer Karen told us about her recent Saturday at the airport, saying "We had three flights arrive with over 400 passengers and we were finished in 1 hour and 45 minutes. No complaints from any passengers about the wait. Several commented on how much more efficient it was since the last time they had come down, and many thanked us for helping."

"I worked on Saturday and wanted to share the best compliment I have heard yet for us volunteers and the tourism board," says volunteer Kathy. "A Honduran from Punta Gorda who now lives in the U.S. visited here two years ago and the immigration area was utter confusion. Today, he said everything was very organized and he could see a huge improvement and wished other areas in his country would make the visitors feel as welcome as we did today. Even though there was a wait since two planes came in at once, the volunteers made all the difference in trying to get everyone inside and through immigration quickly."

Our volunteers always appreciate a compliment! Caroline, another volunteer, enjoyed her interaction on a busy Saturday, saying, "A very nice gentlemen, who did not speak English (I speak fluent Spanish), said he had never experienced anything like our welcoming group in all his travels! He thanked me and said he loved our was a good vibe!"

Linda, another Roatan airport volunteer, agrees saying, "It's nice to know that most of the passengers appreciate our welcome and our effort to get them well organized before they get to the customs officer."

Many of our volunteers are recognized outside of the airport, too. After spending time answering questions and organizing arriving passengers, they often become de-facto tour guides and walking information desks.

"I was at West Bay Beach one day with some friends and one of my pups," says volunteer Deb. "I had my dog on a raft in the water floating and a lady came up to me and asked if I was the airport lady. I said, yes, I was one of them, so she went on to ask me about who they could get to take them snorkeling. She also mentioned how nice it was to have us there at the airport greeting people.

"I've also left the airport many Saturdays and stopped at Eldon's [the closest grocery store to the airport en route to the western side of Roatan] on the way home. I always run into people that I have just spoken with at the airport. The questions now are: What is the exchange rate, what's the best local beer, and can you eat the fruit and vegetables," says Deb.

The day of a Roatan Airport Volunteer is filled with fun interactions and lots of insights and advice!

It's always nice for our hardworking volunteers to hear kind comments from visitors, so feel free to share your own experience! Don't forget to use #go2roatan in all your social media posts.

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