Medical Services in Roatan

Whether you're traveling to Roatan or moving to Roatan, we always think it's a good idea to be aware of available medical care. There are a variety of medical services in Roatan should you need any care while you're on the island, ranging from pharmacies to full hospitals. Here are the details for what you might need...

Pharmacies in Roatan

There are pharmacies located throughout Roatan in case you require any medications during your stay. Many medications are available over the counter, but keep in mind that all official documentation and medical information will be in Spanish. Please be sure you understand the type of medication and dosage instructions should you purchase any medications at the pharmacy.

There are pharmacies all over the island, including in West End, Sandy Bay, Coxen Hole, Mahogany Bay, and French Harbour. Generally speaking, hours are Monday-Saturday, similar to bank operating hours.

Medical Clinics in Roatan

There are multiple medical clinics in Roatan where you can address minor health issues. In Sandy Bay, you'll find Clinica Esperanza (Nurse Peggy's Clinic) and the Cornerstone Clinic at Anthony's Key Resort (AKR Clinic). At Parrot Tree Plantation at First Bight (after French Harbour), you'll find the GARM Clinic (see below for more details).

Hospitals in Roatan

There is a public hospital as well as a private hospital located in Coxen Hole. A brand new hospital recently opened in French Harbour at the MegaPlaza complex. This hospital was built and is managed in association with Hospital Cemesa, a popular hospital on the Honduran mainland operating under state-of-the-art medical equipment and many U.S.-trained doctors.

Other Medical Services in Roatan

The Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (often called the GARM Clinic) at Parrot Tree Plantation has been bringing medical tourists to Roatan for several years now. They also provide valuable services to island residents.

International Health or Travel Insurance

You can pay out-of-pocket for medical services in Roatan, or you can check your insurance policy to see if international care is covered. Many travel insurance policies will cover some basic medical care and a select few health insurance plans from the U.S. will cover international care or transfer.

If you are a scuba diver, you should ensure you have dive insurance regardless of how frequently you scuba dive. The coverage provided usually covers a variety of potential medical issues that could arise during a dive trip.

Medical Services for Animals

We can't forget our furry friends! There are several options for veterinary care in Roatan. Animal Kingdom is the only permanent veterinary facility. On Wednesdays, a clinic is set up in French Harbour by a visiting vet from the mainland. Another permanent facility, ProVets, is utilized by mainland vets once per month at Coconut Plaza.

Additionally, throughout the year there are usually clinics set up by traveling volunteer vets. These clinics, as well as many other island-related news announcements, are frequently posted via Facebook groups and pages.

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