Land Activities in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands offer visitors an endless array of activities to enjoy. If you're coming to Roatan on a cruise ship or visiting any of the Bay Islands for a full vacation, we're sure you'll find something fun to do. While we're famous around the world for our exceptional scuba diving and snorkeling, don't forget all our amazing land activities in the Bay Islands.

Golf in Roatan

Hit the greens on Roatan's exceptional Black Pearl Golf Course. Designed by golf legend Pete Dye, the Black Pearl provides astounding ocean vistas from nearly every hole. The course is as beautiful as it is enjoyable for beginners up through professionals. Whatever your level, you will love your time at Pristine Bay's Black Pearl.

Zipline Canopy Tours

Roatan also enjoys a wonderfully diverse topography that allows for extensive zipline canopy tours. The island boasts several options to choose from, so go ahead and try one or try them all! You'll be soaring and flying through the treetops, over open water, or all the way down a white sandy beach. Go ahead and spread your wings to fly!

Island Tours

Perhaps you'd prefer to learn more about the history and culture of our beautiful Bay Islands. An island tour is the perfect way to do just that. Enjoy a few hours with a local guide, exploring neighborhoods and learning interesting facts and stories along the way. You'll get the insider's view on island life, and maybe you'll get off the beaten track to truly get a feel for our eclectic island home.

Be sure to arrange an island tour for your specific interests. Whether it's pirate history or local shopping, the best local dining or those hidden beaches and snorkeling spots...local guides know all the best spots to show you!

Animal Encounters

The Bay Islands have a wide variety of local flora and fauna...and we even have a wider variety because of our many rescue centers. Some animals from the mainland and further afield now call the Bay Islands home.

You can meet some monkeys and snuggle some sloths, or explore butterfly sanctuaries and try to spot a lounging lizard in the sun. The Bay Islands are simply filled with animal encounters for you to enjoy!

Jungle Trails

Hit the trails to truly explore local wildlife and to get the best views around. Guanaja boasts a beautiful waterfall and gorgeous green hills that will simply take your breath away...but not because of altitude.

Any of the hiking options in the Bay Islands are easy enough for regular tourists to enjoy - no special technical gear required. That is, unless you want to rappel down that waterfall in Guanaja!

Pumpkin Hill in Utila offers lovely views of the Caribbean below, as do several vantage points around Roatan.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can test yourself on the trails of Extreme Roatan. Located at Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum, Extreme Roatan is officially run twice per year, but can also be arranged as a private run at other times. Get muddy and get running!

Don't forget to use #go2Roatan to share all your photos and fun stories with us online!

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