Hurricanes in the Bay Islands

A major concern for visitors and potential expats when considering the Caribbean is the hurricane belt. The summer months can be dangerous for many islands in the Caribbean, as owners and residents monitor weather conditions for any tropical storms or hurricanes headed their way. Luckily, the risk of hurricanes in the Bay Islands is incredibly low.

Location, Location, Location

As the Bay Islands of Honduras are located well south of the Yucatan Peninsula and far west of the majority of Caribbean islands, they are fairly protected from normal hurricane paths. Statistically, a hurricane hits Honduras directly about once every 26 years. That bodes well for tourists, and very well for residents, too.

While many in the Caribbean have to brace their homes and businesses against the inevitable tropical storms and possible major hurricanes coming through every summer, the residents and tourists of the Bay Islands have the benefit of not having to constantly monitor weather conditions.

Typical Summer Weather

During the summer months in the Caribbean, frequently called Hurricane Season for most other islands, the Bay Islands will often experience stereotypical summer storms. An afternoon storm will roll through after hours of perfect morning sunshine. But the storms rarely last long! Sometimes, you'll watch as one solitary storm cloud shows up on the horizon and slowly drifts our way. It might drop rain on one part of the islands, while other parts remain sunny and bright. This is the typical summer weather of the Bay Islands.

When a storm does pass close to the Bay Islands, obviously the wind and rain can affect us. For Roatan, storms tend to hit the northern shore harder than the southern shore. You'll notice many boats will be moved into marinas on the north side, or they'll be brought around to the south side for safekeeping.

What to Do if a Storm Hits

When a big storm does come near the Bay Islands, the best thing to do is listen to the safety advice of your hotel or vacation property manager. Most accommodations will have back-up generators on location in case of power outages, although some do not. If a storm does knock out power, candles and flashlights work wonders.

Unless a storm stalls over the area, typically only one day will be filled with rain and wind, while the following day you will notice residual waves and probably overcast skies. For most summer storms, after two days the weather is actually outstanding. The skies clear up and the water calms down. While visibility may still be reduced for diving, you'll notice lots of interesting marine life after a storm.

The Forecast Isn't Always Right

Something else to keep in mind in terms of rainy weather around the Bay Islands is the forecast. Throughout the entire summer, you might notice possible rain on a daily basis for the forecast for the Bay Islands. That's entirely true! At some point every day, there might be one rain cloud passing through that drops a bit of rain.

But it is not common to have full days of rain during the summer - only when the very occasional tropical storm comes nearby. So, if the forecast for your entire vacation says rain, don't worry. You will more likely have endless hours of sunshine, with an occasional raincloud to offer you a rainbow.

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