Honduran Holidays to Know

Whether you're visiting the Bay Islands for vacation or planning to move here to become an expat, it's good to understand when there are major holidays that could disrupt regular business. Here is a comprehensive list of Honduran holidays that might affect your visit to the Bay Islands.

National Honduran Holidays

These are dates when regular businesses will likely be closed - just like federal holidays in the U.S. That means banks, offices, and government buildings will likely be closed for the entire day. Tourism operators will not close, though, so don't worry about your dive shop being shut. After all, diving on a holiday is the best thing to do!

  • January 1: New Years Day
  • March/April: Easter Week (exact dates vary). Known locally as Semana Santa, the national holidays are Thursday-Sunday for businesses to close. However, the entire week is a very busy week in the Bay Islands as many people enjoy the whole week away from work and school. Plan for the beaches to be crowded and activities to be booked in advance!
  • April 14: America’s Day
  • May 1: Labor Day
  • September 15: Independence Day
  • October 3: Morazán or Soldier’s Day
  • October 12: Columbus Day
  • October 21: Armed Forces Day
December 25: Christmas Day

Sometimes, the federal government will combine the October holidays into one long weekend at the end of the month. That means that last weekend becomes a holiday when businesses could be closed, while the other dates of actual holidays are considered to be normal work days. This could happen every October, but it's not guaranteed.

Holidays in the Bay Islands

April 22 marks the Annexation of the Bay Islands to Honduras and is observed on the Bay Islands only. Most government offices and banks are closed in the islands and you'll notice lots of parades and school children celebrating at different events around the islands.

As noted before, tourism continues to operate on a regular basis regardless of holidays. No hotel, restaurant, or activity provider will close on any of these holidays. The only concerns tourists could have would be in taking out money at a bank (although ATMs are available and obviously do not shut down on holidays). Expats would have to be aware of these holidays for normal business functions.

Other Common Honduran Holidays

These are other important dates to know if you're visiting the Bay Islands of Honduras. You might witness a celebratory parade or notice that kids are out of school on these days, although regular businesses should all be open.

  • January 25: National Women’s Day
  • February 3: Day of Our Lady of Suyapa
  • March 8: International Women’s Day
  • April 19: Father’s Day
  • Second Sunday of May: Mother’s Day
  • June 11: Student’s Day (Jose Trinidad Reyes’ Birthday)
  • July 14: Honduran Day (Honduran Heritage Day)
  • July 20: Lempira Day
  • September 1: National Flag Day
  • September 10: Children’s Day
  • September 17: Teacher’s Day
  • October 28: National Youth Day
  • November 1-2: Day of the Dead

Whenever you visit us in the Bay Islands, whether it's a holiday or not, we know you'll have a fantastic vacation!

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