Hiking in Roatan

Roatan offers visitors an incredible variety of activities to enjoy throughout the year. While the majority of our activities understandably revolve around the water, there are lots of other options for fun on land. If you're interested in going hiking in Roatan, you have a few options to consider for your visit.

Roatan's Topography

The island of Roatan is diverse in its topography. We don't live on a flat, arid island like some other areas of the Caribbean. Roatan is lush, covered in vibrant jungle and punctuated by hills along the length of the island.

Coming in toward Roatan by air or sea, you might not even notice houses or buildings until you get very close to land. Roatan is often called the Gem of the Caribbean, and it's easy to see why.

From the western point to the eastern end of Roatan, a central ridge runs the length of the island. The main road essentially follows this ridge, which offers passengers beautiful views over the north and south shores of the island. Drivers, of course, should focus on the winding road ahead!

Because of all this diversity of both topography and flora, Roatan is a lovely location for hiking. You won't find massive mountains here - so no technical climbing expertise is necessary at all.

Hiking in Roatan is more of a relaxed activity. Consider it to be just another iteration of our love for Island Time.

Hiking in Roatan

There are a few options for somewhat "official" hiking in Roatan. Just outside of Coxen Hole, Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum offers extensive jungle trails that wind throughout their nearly 160-acre property.

Twice each year, Extreme Roatan takes over these trails for a mud run and obstacle course race. If you want to hike in quiet serenity for beautiful bird watching, be sure to avoid these dates. If, however, you'd love to get dirty and have a fun day challenging yourself, be sure to check their schedule and plan your trip accordingly. You can also book a private run by contacting them directly.

Another hiking option is in Sandy Bay, at Carambola Gardens. This tropical garden area is lovely to visit in its own right, but the trail that cuts up from the garden to the hilltop above provides visitors with beautiful views overlooking Anthony's Key Resort below. Have a seat and watch the dolphins jumping and playing.

On the East End of Roatan, there are a few hiking options available to explore. It is highly recommended that you only hike with a guide as trails may not be very well marked to the unfamiliar eye. Paya Bay Resort offers guided hiking opportunities and can serve as an excellent base for exploring the area.

Seasons in Roatan

It's best to keep in mind the different seasons of Roatan if you're hoping to do lots of hiking during your visit. Rainy season could pose a problem for jungle trails...unless you don't mind lots of mud! Be sure you're prepared, whatever the weather, and enjoy the views.

Don't forget to use #go2Roatan in all your social media posts! We want to see you out and about, having a great time visiting our beautiful Bay Islands.

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