High Season in the Bay Islands

Like all areas with a large tourism industry, the Bay Islands have busier and slower times throughout the year. If you're taking a winter vacation, that's high season in the Bay Islands. It might be helpful to know what to expect when we're experiencing our busiest time of year.

Book Accommodations Early

When it's high season anywhere in the world, accommodations should be your first priority for booking in advance. You probably have a few places in mind that you would just love to stay at during your vacation. If you're coming during the winter months between November and March, make sure to book your favorite accommodation early so you don't miss out!

Keep in mind the wide variety of options available in the Bay Islands. From all-inclusive resorts to boutique hotels, from extensive vacation rentals to practical apartments in the hub of activities, you can take your pick of island accommodations.

Book Scuba Diving Early

Just like accommodations, dive centers will book early over the high season. If you intend to do a scuba course, whether as a brand new diver or in advanced diving, you certainly want to book your course as early as possible. Some dive centers will only offer courses starting on specific days, while others are more flexible. In either case, you want to get onto their schedule early to be sure you can complete your course during your vacation.

If you want to dive all day, every day, be sure to communicate with a dive center early in your planning to ensure their availability throughout your entire stay. Many dive centers will offer package deals if you do more diving with them, so it's financially beneficial to book all your dives at one shop.

Be Flexible With Your Time

During high season, there are not only more visitors staying on the islands, but also more cruise ships stopping in Roatan. Because of this influx during those cruise ship days, you might not be able to do certain activities at the times that you want. Try to find out the cruise ship schedule for your vacation so you can plan your activities around those busy days, avoiding crowds and having more time to enjoy.

Also remember that the cruise ships all leave by sunset, so even on a very busy cruise ship day, come nightfall, the island is quiet again. And, if you're in Roatan on a busy cruise ship day but want to avoid the crowds, there are plenty of places to enjoy!

Enjoy the Island Life

High season is a fantastic time to visit the Bay Islands so you can escape the winter cold back home and enjoy some tropical sunshine. Make sure you book your accommodations and scuba diving early, but then set your watch to Island Time.

You can wake to the sounds of the sea and fall asleep with shooting stars overhead. You'll go back home refreshed and relaxed after a vacation in the Bay Islands. That is, if you even decide to go back home!

Don't forget to use #go2roatan in all your social media posts while you're visiting the Bay Islands. We love to see you enjoying your time here in our Caribbean paradise.

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