Happy Hour in the Bay Islands

Happy hour is everyone's favorite hour! In the Bay Islands, you'll find plenty of opportunities to celebrate another perfect day in paradise with a refreshing drink in hand. Enjoy a frozen cocktail on the beach or a local beer on your front patio while watching the sunset. Happy hour in the Bay Islands isn't just one hour - we're happy all the time!

Happy Hour Deals and Discounts

Especially on the islands of Roatan and Utila, you'll find ample opportunity to enjoy a happy hour deal at a local bar or restaurant. Most hotels will offer guests a special time of day for discounts or deals. Additionally, many bars and restaurants will run specials during the standard happy hour times of late afternoon through early evening. Some places even offer happy hour deals all day!

If you're looking for the best deals, ask your vacation rental property manager or hotel concierge for available options nearby. Another valuable source of this type of information will be your activity providers - they'll know the best places to grab a drink after work!

Local Drinks in the Bay Islands

There are four local beers brewed in Honduras that you'll see at every bar and mini-mart in the Bay Islands. Cerveceria Hondurena brews Salva Vida, Port Royal, Imperial, and Barena, the quartet of local beers. Be sure to check out the label on Port Royal if you're staying in Roatan - you'll find the coordinates for Old Port Royal of pirate fame!

The most popular frozen drink in Roatan is the Monkey Lala. You can order this refreshing cocktail at any bar on the island, and you'll get a unique blend from each bartender you meet.

As tropical islands, the Bay Islands are the perfect place to enjoy a few tasty libations as you dig your toes into the sand and marvel at another picturesque sunset. Just make sure you keep one hand free for some breathtaking photo opportunities!

Happy Hour in the Bay Islands

Happy hour in the Bay Islands isn't just one hour. We live in paradise - we're happy all day, every day! But that doesn't mean you'll find endless happy hour deals everywhere you go.

Do a little bit of homework when you arrive, ask at your accommodation and at the activities you do during the week to get the inside scoop on the best deals around. This is also the best way to get to know those of us who live here! We'll let you know if there's a fun event happening, or a fundraiser you can support, or a great new restaurant that's still flying under the radar.

Enjoy every hour in the Bay Islands as if it's Happy Hour - but please do so safely and responsibly!

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