Grocery Stores in Roatan

The Bay Island of Roatan is the most developed of the three main Bay Islands of Honduras. The largest of the group, Roatan has a resident population of approximately 100,000 people, plus a constant stream of tourists visiting the island temporarily. Given this large population – and especially the large expat population – the grocery stores in Roatan offer an incredible array of products to make your visit comfortable.

When you arrive in Roatan by international flight or by ferry from La Ceiba, you will arrive in Coxen Hole or Dixon Cove, respectively. From either arrival point, if you are headed to West Bay, West End, or Sandy Bay, including Lawson Rock, you will pass by the main town of Coxen Hole where there are several grocery stores available.

If you are headed from either the ferry terminal or the international airport toward French Harbour and all points east – including Pristine Bay, Oakridge, Punta Blanca, First and Second Bights, Port Royal, Jonesville, Camp Bay, and more – you will pass through the other main town of French Harbour, where there are more large grocery stores available.

Popular Grocery Stores in Roatan

At all of these large grocery stores, you will find a plethora of international products alongside local products. Always keep in mind that international products will cost more due to import and shipping costs. But if you want to stick to familiar brands, or if you have any food allergies and need to be more particular with your selection, you can rest assured that many of your favorite brands and products can be found in large grocery stores in Roatan.

The largest grocery store providing the widest array of international products is Eldons Supermarkets. With a large store in Coxen Hole along the main road, another store in downtown Coxen Hole, and a large store in French Harbour, Eldons provides groceries to a vast population on the island of Roatan.

The same owner of Eldons also owns PetroSun gas stations, so within those stations you’ll also find a wide array of similar products, including international items.

Also in Coxen Hole at Plaza Mar - just up the hill from the large Eldons on the main road - is Plaza Mar grocery store. Plaza Mar also offers a plethora of local and international brands and options.

Another popular store located in French Harbour is the Bulk Gourmet where you will find a wide range of imported and gourmet products.

Along the main road between French Harbour and Coxen Hole, you’ll find a few more large stores boasting everything from gourmet products to seafood to beer and soda in bulk.

When to Go to Grocery Stores in Roatan

If you are staying in a vacation rental in Roatan, you’ll want to stop at the grocery store on the way to your rental. After traveling all morning, you’ll want something better than the plane food! Stop en route to your rental either in Coxen Hole or in French Harbour so you don’t have to turn around to make another trip later.

If you’re staying in a hotel or resort, you likely won’t need to go to the grocery stores as you’ll be eating most of your meals out. If you want to have drinks at your hotel or resort room – as long as there is a refrigerator to keep them cold! – you should stop at the grocery stores for the widest selection available.

Alternatively, you can pop into one of the gas stations or smaller mini-marts in West End, Sandy Bay, or dotted elsewhere along the main road that spans the island. The largest variety and selection will definitely be available at the grocery stores, though.

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