Getting Around the Bay Islands

Getting around the Bay Islands can be a fun adventure for everyone! Whether you're planning a multi-island holiday, or you're wondering about typical transportation options on each island, we can offer you ample information to make planning your stay easier.

Plan an island-hopping adventure

If you'd like to visit more than one of the Bay Islands, you have a few options for getting between them. There are ferry services between the mainland and each of the main islands (Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja). Additionally, there are regular reservation-based ferry services between Roatan and Utila that can be booked on either island.

There are also charter plane services between islands, and other charter boat options as well. Your choice of transportation for getting around the Bay Islands will depend upon your travel preferences, your time restrictions, and your budget. Obviously flights are more expensive, but they are the quickest option. Both charter flights and boating options will sometimes be affected by the weather as well, so keep that in mind and don't make your schedule too strict. After all, you're on Island Time!

Getting around Roatan

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands and offers the islands' only international airport and cruise ship ports. Direct flights arrive regularly from multiple U.S. and Canadian cities, plus Central American hubs like Belize City, San Salvador, and Panama City.

Once you arrive on the island, you can opt to rent a vehicle from any of a number of local and international rental agencies located around the airport. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the plethora of taxis available.

There is one main road running the length of Roatan, east to west, with countless smaller roads branching off toward neighborhoods and developments. Toward the East End of the island, there are some vacation rentals that are only accessible by boat, so be sure to arrange your transportation with your property manager prior to your arrival.

Water taxis are another popular transportation option between West End and West Bay, as well as out from Oakridge to nearby East End locations.

Getting around Utila

Utila is a smaller and less-developed island than Roatan where you'll find scooters, golf carts, and tuk-tuks are the more common modes of transportation. Walking is absolutely a valid option as most of your destinations will be within a short distance of each other.

You can enjoy a quiet stay at a boat-access only vacation rental on the south shore of Utila, or even a private cabin on the Cays, again only accessed by boat.

Getting around Guanaja

Tourism in Guanaja is completely centered around natural beauty and traditional Caribbean charm. Expect to travel by foot, or perhaps to hitch a ride with a friendly local if you just don't want to walk in the midday sun.

Travel between coastal locations by boat makes your stay all the more enjoyable, and hotels or vacation rentals will happily arrange transport to any activities you may want to do. Although, in Guanaja, a vacation spent swaying in a hammock, snorkeling from your front door, and star-gazing all evening is truly paradise.

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