Get on Island Time in Roatan

Island's that feeling when you know no stress and you feel utterly relaxed. You don't check your watch, you pause to leisurely chat with a friend, you just focus on being - not doing. Get on Island Time in Roatan and understand why we all love this way of life.

Get on Island Time in Roatan

Roatan isn't in a rush to keep up with the rest of the world. There's a reason Roatan is called the Gem of the Caribbean. You can see it from the air as you approach the island: the lush green jungle meeting the aquas and blues of the Caribbean Sea until it meets the sky. This island is a natural beauty, and it isn't punctuated with stark white high rises anywhere.

Island Time is a way of life in Roatan. Residents amble and stop to chat with neighbors and friends. A coffee is enjoyed - not gulped while driving through rush hour traffic. Lingering over lunch is expected and wandering down the beach until you run into friends for a chat or a drink is the norm.

If you want to meet up with someone, know that the time is very approximate. There's no need to text and say you're running late - time is as fluid as the ocean here. "Let's meet around 7" can mean anywhere between 7 and 8...or perhaps even later. And that's fine because if you get there first, you're bound to strike up a conversation with someone else while waiting. You're bound to enjoy a beautiful ocean view or the sounds of the jungle or the smell of a fresh sea breeze. Just relax.

Tips for Getting on Island Time

If you want our advice for relaxing into Island Time while on vacation, we're happy to help. We see lots of visitors arrive completely stressed and frazzled, but by the time they leave our island they look like a whole new person. Roatan has a bit of magic like that.

First, take off the watch. Unless you're scuba diving and it's a dive watch, you don't need it here. If you can, just leave it at home. If you feel the need to wear it on the plane, as soon as you touch down in Roatan, put it away in your bag and don't take it back out until you land back at home.

Next, breathe. The Roatan international airport is on the sea. As soon as you step off the plane you'll get fresh ocean air and lots of humidity straight into your face. Just breathe it in and look around you. There are palm trees and birds and lots of smiling faces. Take a deep breath and leave your stress behind you.

Once you arrive at your accommodations, put your feet up. Whether it's in a hammock or a lounge chair or on the railing of your porch, just put those feet up and lean back. The sooner you do that after you arrive, the sooner you'll feel all the stress of work and errands and to-do lists disappear. Put your feet up, look around you at paradise, and let it all go.

Finally, when you start to feel those stresses from home leave you alone, get in the water. Whether you go for a dive, jump off a dock, or just wade in knee-deep, the ocean has a way of cleansing and relaxing you.

You also can't take electronics into the water, so it helps to truly detach and disconnect from email and social media and the news cycle back home. Just leave those in your room and get into the Caribbean. That's when you finally get on Island Time in Roatan.

How do you get on Island Time in Roatan? Share your tips and tricks using #go2Roatan on social media. Show us your favorite place to relax and to get rid of stress.

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