All About French Harbour Roatan

There are multiple fun neighborhoods to check out while visiting Roatan, and each is unique in its offerings. French Harbour boasts several activities that are only available in this part of the island - reason enough to spend a day here, if not your whole vacation! Take a look at all that French Harbour Roatan has to offer.

French Harbour Roatan

French Harbour is one of the oldest communities in Roatan and still serves as a commercial hub. The shipping industry is centralized here, there are multiple schools, as well as offices and shops. The island's newest medical center is also located in French Harbour, offering more convenient services to residents and visitors to the eastern side of Roatan.

French Harbour is east of the airport, the ferry, and both cruise ship ports. The Galaxy Wave ferry and Mahogany Bay cruise port are just outside French Harbour, making for a very quick journey if your destination is around this neighborhood.

Activities in French Harbour Roatan

French Harbour boasts the Bay Islands' only golf course, located at Pristine Bay. The 18-hole championship course was designed by golf legend Pete Dye and offers endlessly stunning views of the Caribbean from the north shore course.

Beyond Pristine Bay's golf course, French Harbour has a few other unique activities to offer visitors. Sherman Arch's Iguana Farm is located here along Roatan's southern shore. Less a farm than a sanctuary, Arch's Iguana Farm is an absolute can't-miss activity while visiting Roatan.

These prehistoric creatures roam the island, but were in danger from over-hunting. Mr. Arch created this sanctuary for them and they are now also over his land. If you visit around mid-day, you can feed them banana leaves and watch them all scurrying around each other. It is quite a sight to see!

Nearby Mr. Arch's farm is the new sloth sanctuary. Sloths live on the mainland of Honduras, but have recently suffered from deforestation and human population encroaching on their homes. You can visit Daniel Jackson's Sloth Sanctuary around the corner from Arch's Iguana Farm to interact with several slow-moving sloths saved from the mainland.

There is also plenty of fantastic scuba diving around French Harbour - both off the north and south shores. World-famous Mary's Place is a popular south shore dive site just off French Harbour.

Accommodations in French Harbour Roatan

There are multiple options for accommodations in French Harbour, including some of Roatan's premier resorts. You can enjoy your own private villa on the golf course or a modern cabin on the beach on a private island. The resorts in an around French Harbour offer some of the best accommodations in Roatan.

Dining and Drinking in French Harbour Roatan

French Harbour has a wonderful mixture of local and international dining options. You'll find the island's only bar offering draught beer in French Harbour, complete with flat screens TVs showing international sports. You'll also find plenty of seafood at both local and international eateries. Each resort boasts at least one restaurant on-site, allowing you to fully relax and not even have to leave the grounds.

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