All About Flowers Bay Roatan

Flowers Bay is one of the oldest communities in Roatan and offers visitors a glimpse into local life on the island. From traditional homes built on stilts over or near the water to local vendors, nightclubs, and more, Flowers Bay is at the heart of Roatan today. Visit Flowers Bay Roatan for a true island experience.

Flowers Bay Roatan

Flowers Bay is located on Roatan's southwestern shore. With Coxen Hole to one side and West Bay and West End to the other, Flowers Bay is strategically located for convenience for local residents. Flowers Bay isn't a major tourist draw by itself, but you are bound to at least come through the area en route to somewhere else.

During the winter months, Flowers Bay becomes a hub of diving activity as many dive shops on the northwestern shore move their boats and dive operations to the south side during bad weather. Otherwise, there aren't many tourist activities happening in Flowers Bay. Instead, you'll see daily island life fun and friendliness!

Activities in Flowers Bay Roatan

There isn't a total lack of activities in Flowers Bay! In fact, this community is constantly buzzing with fun and entertainment. You'll always find kids out in the shallow water splashing around and having fun. The community basketball court always has some sort of game going on. The winter months see tons of dive boats coming in and out, plus several other boating excursions and snorkel tours.

At night in Flowers Bay, you can head to one of the local bars for music and dancing. During the day, head to Steel Pan Alley to support a local music group and to hear some amazing tunes!

Accommodations in Flowers Bay Roatan

There are multiple vacation rental options in Flowers Bay, although it is not as popular as other areas of the island. You're less likely to find accommodations easily here, but that's not to say they don't exist. A simple search will show you several opportunities if you want to stay in Flowers Bay.

Dining and Drinks in Flowers Bay Roatan

There are a few local eateries in Flowers Bay, plus several vendors who set up along the side of the road for convenience. Gio's is an island institution and is located in Flowers Bay near the West Bay Road intersection. Head there for fresh local seafood.

If you're visiting Roatan, you should at least drive through Flowers Bay to see a local island community built right on the water. The drive alone is an adventure, as the road is often riddled with potholes to slalom around. Drive carefully through here if you have a rental vehicle - there are lots of pedestrians, kids playing, and lots of taxis in a rush to get through. Drive with caution. But enjoy those gorgeous ocean views and the colorful island homes.

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