How to Find Hotels in the Bay Islands

If you’re coming to the Bay Islands for a vacation, there are many hotel options for you to choose from. We’ll help explain some of the variety of options, as well as how to find hotels in the Bay Islands as you plan your trip.

The first important thing to consider when planning your trip to the Bay Islands is what type of accommodation you’d prefer. Vacation rentals offer more independence, but they likely won’t be right on the popular beaches or in town, so a rental car might be necessary. Resorts offer all-inclusive options so you can pay once and then forget about the rest. But if you’re looking for an in-between option, a hotel might be your best bet.

Hotels in Guanaja

You won’t find nearly as many options for accommodations in Guanaja as you will on Roatan and Utila, and most Guanaja accommodations are more resort-style simply out of necessity. Tourism is quieter in Guanaja, so there aren’t tons of options for restaurants or activities. This usually means hotel owners provide everything on-site for their guests’ convenience.

Hotels in Roatan

Roatan offers the largest variety of accommodation options of the Bay Islands. With a plethora of resorts, small hotels, and vacation rentals available, you might be confused choosing which is best for you! Hotels in Roatan vary from B&B-style accommodations to boutique and unique options. The majority of hotels are located in West Bay, West End, and Sandy Bay, with a few other options scattered elsewhere on the island.

Hotels in Utila

Utila offers a good variety of vacation rentals and hotels, including some great budget accommodations in town. You’ll find many options available to you, so it’s really more a choice of style, price, and availability for when you arrive, as they are all located in the same general area.

How to Find Hotels in the Bay Islands

You can very easily book your accommodations online for any of the Bay Islands. Roatan and Utila offer lots of options for hotels and resorts, all of which will have websites for online booking. Guanaja has a smaller selection to choose from, but again, a simple online search will show you all their websites where you can book. You can also look through our member directory for hotels and resorts.

When deciding which hotel is right for you, keep in mind the location – especially on Roatan where the variety is largest. Also keep in mind the style of vacation you want to have. Will you be diving every day? Then be sure to choose a hotel near your selected dive shop for convenience. Will you be lounging on the beach every day? Then be sure to choose a hotel at least within easy walking distance of the beach so you can head back and forth as needed. Are you looking for a romantic getaway or a golf vacation? These are all particulars that you'll want to consider before booking your hotel.

You can find hotels in the Bay Islands easily and conveniently, and if you’d like to start your search right now, head to our directory to find available hotel members right away.

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