Family-Friendly Caribbean Vacation

The Bay Islands are an ideal location for a family vacation. With so many options for fun activities and endless natural beauty to explore, kids find the Bay Islands to be an outstanding location. Here are some of our top tips for a great family-friendly Caribbean vacation in the Bay Islands.

Book some excursions in advance

While it’s good to be flexible on your vacation and to not over-plan, if there are specific excursions or activities that you just know your family will love, be sure to book in advance. If you’re visiting Roatan, you might be in competition with the cruise ship schedule for certain popular activities. It’s best to book those on days when there are no ships in port so the activity isn’t as busy. Researching and booking in advance will help you make sure you get the best experience during your family vacation.

Choosing accommodations for your family

Accommodations in the bay Islands vary greatly between large beachfront resorts, small inland hotels, and plentiful vacation rentals dotting all the islands. A beachfront resort might be perfect if your kids are water-babies and want to be in the sand all day every day. A smaller inland hotel will likely be cheaper accommodations, and if your family wants to do more of a variety of activities, this could be a better option to balance the budget.

If you’re looking for a home-away-from-home while on vacation, with a full kitchen to cook some meals to save on eating out, then a vacation rental might be your best option. Whatever style of vacation your family suits best, you’ll want to book that accommodation early so you don’t miss the best opportunity.

Family-Friendly Activities for the Kids

For really young kids, there are plenty of animal parks, botanical gardens, and island tours you can do to keep them entertained. If your kids are older, there are tons of exciting activities you can choose from for the whole family to enjoy. Kids have to be at least 10 years old to start scuba diving, but snorkeling is a great option for younger kids who love the water.

Family-Friendly Dining in the Bay Islands

The variety of restaurants and dining options in the Bay Islands means you’ll have ample opportunity to explore local eateries that your kids will love. Even picky eaters can find something to love! Local fare mixes with international flavors, and there are plenty of places where your kids could get something they’ll recognize from home, too.

If you’re concerned about specific dietary requirements or allergies, be sure to do some research in advance. If your family has very strict dietary requirements, it’s probably best to opt for a vacation rental to ensure you have more control over your food options for the week.

Whatever type of vacation you want – laidback beach week or an adrenaline-filled exciting adventure – you’ll find lots of options for a family-friendly Caribbean vacation in the Bay Islands.

We know you’ll enjoy your trip, and you'll enjoy creating family memories that will last a lifetime!

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