Expats in Roatan

Roatan is the largest and most developed of the Bay Islands, offering our only international airport, our only golf course, and a wide variety of services to enjoy. If you're considering making the move to paradise, you'll find a large network of expats in Roatan ready to help you and welcome you.

Why Move to Roatan

People move to Roatan for many reasons, not least of which is the beautiful tropical environment and climate. It's fun to sit here on the beach in January and send photos to friends and family back home as they struggle with winter weather! It's easy to fall in love with the gorgeous scenery in Roatan. If you already love the island lifestyle, Roatan offers an incredibly easy transition to moving overseas.

Expats in Roatan

Expats in Roatan live everywhere from the western point to the farthest area of the East End where homes are only accessible by boat. Whatever lifestyle you prefer, you can find a neighborhood in Roatan to match it.

If you're looking for an easy, comfortable retirement, there are several communities offering fantastic amenities from a golf course and community pools to gated security and on-site bars and restaurants. You can put your feet up after decades of work and just watch the world float by from your beachfront hammock.

If you'd prefer a more active lifestyle, there are neighborhoods filled with tourism providers, bars, restaurants, and lots of community activities. You can retreat into total tranquility farther east, away from crowds of any kind and settled into the lush jungle hillsides.

Expats in Roatan live very varied lifestyles - and each one is true paradise.

How to Move to Roatan

Foreigners can purchase real estate in Roatan without requiring residency. There are restrictions on that, however, as you can only purchase up to nearly 0.75 acres in a single transaction. Becoming a resident is a fairly straightforward process. If you're a retiree and can prove an income of $1500/month, you can apply for residency to stay long-term.

Many snowbirds love Roatan because they can come on a tourist visa for up to 90 days to flee the cold winter months back home. Throughout the rest of the year, they could rent out their home as a vacation rental.

The most important thing to remember when you move to Roatan is that you don't need lots of stuff. In a tropical climate, you don't need layers of clothes nor big heavy jackets. Keep everything light and airy and settle into Island Time here in paradise.

Island Life is the Good Life

Moving to Roatan is a dream come true for so many people. If you've always wanted to leave it all behind and to relax with your toes in the sand every morning, move to Roatan. Expats here love the slower pace of life, the lower cost of living, and the endless fun activities they can do. You'll never tire of living the good life if you're an expat in Roatan.

Are you thinking of moving to Roatan? Let us know by using #go2Roatan and follow that hashtag for inspiration from other visitors and expats.

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