All About East End Roatan

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, drawing the largest number of tourists via international direct flights and Western Caribbean cruises. With the convenience of a direct international flight of less than 3 hours to multiple U.S. cities, more and more tourists are heading to Roatan for a tropical escape. In this article, we’ll cover information all about East End Roatan.

East End Roatan

The East End of Roatan is considered to be anything east of French Harbour, although residents near French Harbour tend to say they live mid-island. The East End offers visitors some of the most stunning panoramic vistas on the whole island. The road heading east follows the spine of our hilly island, meaning you get views off both sides.

Some of Roatan's oldest and most traditional villages are on the East End. Oakridge and Jonesville offer a glimpse into true Caribbean life, with houses on stilts over the water and other traditional home structures. Farther east you'll find Old Port Royal, where pirates once buried their treasure and many homes are still only accessible by boat.

The East End is also a very popular area of North American retirees looking for a lower cost of living and relaxing lifestyle. You'll find well-integrated expat and local communities throughout the area, with most expats being very involved in volunteer activities and community events.

Activities in East End Roatan

The East End of Roatan does not feature the same tourism scene as the western side of the island. It's a much more residential area, although you will find plenty to keep you entertained should you stay in this area!

A visit to Punta Gorda is a must. Learn about the Garifuna culture and their impact on Roatan over the centuries.

There are several large resorts on the East End, all featuring their own dive shops, spas, restaurants, and entertainment. If you're seeking an all-inclusive resort completely separated from other development, you'll find several options on Roatan's East End.

The East End also has incredible diving and snorkeling - check out the Cow and Calf in Port Royal for amazing underwater views. There are also multiple options for catamaran trips or deep sea fishing adventures. Check with your vacation property manager or hotel concierge for current availability when you arrive.

Accommodations in East End Roatan

The East End has far fewer hotels and resorts, but also far fewer tourists headed that way. You'll find luxury resorts, private cabins over the water, and countless vacation rental options varying in size and price. Whatever your accommodation preferences for your visit to Roatan, you're guaranteed to find something on the East End.

Just keep in mind if you're staying on the East End that nothing is walkable. If you rent a vacation home, inquire about a vehicle. If you're staying a resort, they will likely offer airport transfers and then you will spend the majority of your time on-site. Many will offer excursions from the resort, so just ask your hotel concierge.

Dining and Drinking in East End Roatan

As with the fewer tourism options on the East End, there are also fewer bars and restaurants. But there is still plenty to last you all week! Along the main road headed east, you'll find several eateries popular with locals and expats alike. Some boast incredible views as well, both hillside and waterfront.

Every resort will have on-site dining options, so if you're staying at a vacation rental just ask the property manager for suggestions nearby. You're bound to find a few gems, including live music and dancing. Enjoy!

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