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Honduran Holidays to Know

Whether you're visiting the Bay Islands for vacation or planning to move here to become an expat, it's good to understand when there are major holidays that could disrupt regular business. Here is a comprehensive list of Honduran holidays that might affect your visit to the Bay Islands. National Honduran Holidays These are dates when…
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Things to Do in Utila

A visit to the Bay Islands of Honduras isn't complete unless you've seen the wondrous beauty underwater. This is never truer than in Utila. When considering things to do in Utila, you simply must account for lots of water activities, from the surface to the depths! Learn to Dive in Utila Learning to scuba dive…
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Holiday Season in the Bay Islands

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year in the Bay Islands. From annual events and gatherings to charitable giving and community endeavors, the Bay Islands know how to celebrate and support each other. If you're considering visiting us, plan a trip during the holiday season in the Bay Islands. You won't regret it!…
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Bring Donations to the Bay Islands

If you're hoping to do some good during your vacation to the Bay Islands, there are multiple organizations working in the area to help our communities. As in communities all around the world, residents in the Bay Islands support each other and work toward improving our neighborhoods. Whether your area of interest is schools, healthcare, child…
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Scuba Diving in the Bay Islands

Scuba diving in the Bay Islands is what started the tourism momentum years ago. Today, scuba diving is still the main draw for most tourists coming to Utila, Roatan, and Guanaja. There's plenty of good reason for that popularity, so let's jump in to see why you should go scuba diving in the Bay Islands.…
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Beat the Heat in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands of Honduras enjoy an incredible tropical climate all year-round. That means that sometimes we have rain, most times we have endless sunshine, and some days are just really hot! But, don't worry, we have some fantastic ways to beat the heat in the Bay Islands. Tropical Heat in the Bay Islands Generally speaking, the…
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Safety in the Bay Islands

Anywhere you travel in the world, it's important to understand your destination in terms of safety. Whether you travel to a city near your hometown or to a foreign country, if you're unfamiliar with an area there are certain steps you should always take. Safety in the Bay Islands is just like safety back home…
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Bay Islands Weather and Climate

The Bay Islands of Honduras are lucky to enjoy an ideal tropical climate year-round. Our temperatures stay high, our rainy season is refreshing, and hurricane season isn’t a major concern as the Bay Islands of Guanaja, Roatan, and Utila. Our islands enjoy a desirable annual climate, creating a perfect tropical island destination for any month…
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Stay in Touch from the Bay Islands

Whenever you travel internationally, you might be concerned with how you can stay in touch with family and friends back home. While you should try to power off to truly relax while you’re resting on the beach, it’s still nice to know that you have options to stay in touch from the Bay Islands in…
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Cruise Ships in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands of Honduras receive visitors from around the world on a daily basis. Many arrive via the international airport on the island of Roatan, while others arrive via domestic flights or ferry trips from the Honduran mainland. But there are also many visitors who arrive via cruise ships in the Bay Islands. The Bay Islands…
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Languages Spoken in the Bay Islands

If you've traveled anywhere in the Caribbean, you know the variety of languages and dialects that any small island can contain. The history of this region is reflected today in the fusion of languages and cultures, and the languages spoken in the Bay Islands are no exception. What's the Official National Language? The Bay Islands…
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Getting Around the Bay Islands

Getting around the Bay Islands can be a fun adventure for everyone! Whether you're planning a multi-island holiday, or you're wondering about typical transportation options on each island, we can offer you ample information to make planning your stay easier. Plan an island-hopping adventure If you'd like to visit more than one of the Bay…
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