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Visit Cayos Cochinos in Honduras

Cayos Cochinos consists of two main islands and 13 more small coral cays, resting about 19 miles from La Ceiba. These small isles are the closest of the Bay Islands to the mainland of Honduras. Visit Cayos Cochinos from Roatan or from La Ceiba for a truly magical experience. About Cayos Cochinos Cayos Cochinos, or the…
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Advanced Diving in the Bay Islands

Scuba diving in the Bay Islands offers incredible diversity. If you're not yet scuba certified, this is an ideal place to learn to dive. But there is also a wide array of advanced diving in the Bay Islands that veteran divers will love. From deep wrecks to caves to incredible marine life, the Bay Islands…
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Become a Scuba Pro in the Bay Islands

Are you obsessed with scuba diving? If so, you should consider a career in the dive industry. There is no better way to share your love for all things marine than to teach scuba skills to new divers and to lead certified divers to point out incredibly diverse life underwater. There are many places to become…
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Things to Do in Utila

A visit to the Bay Islands of Honduras isn't complete unless you've seen the wondrous beauty underwater. This is never truer than in Utila. When considering things to do in Utila, you simply must account for lots of water activities, from the surface to the depths! Learn to Dive in Utila Learning to scuba dive…
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Whale Sharks in the Bay Islands

Whale sharks are some of the most majestic and awe-inspiring creatures you could encounter in the deep blue sea. We are very lucky with frequent sightings of whale sharks in the Bay Islands. Their migratory path passes by us, offering regular opportunities to see these magnificent creatures up close. If you want to see whale…
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Land Activities in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands offer visitors an endless array of activities to enjoy. If you're coming to Roatan on a cruise ship or visiting any of the Bay Islands for a full vacation, we're sure you'll find something fun to do. While we're famous around the world for our exceptional scuba diving and snorkeling, don't forget…
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Adventure Activities in the Bay Islands

A visit to the Bay Islands of Honduras just wouldn't be complete without trying out some of our countless adventure activities. We like to have fun here - and we welcome you to join us! Whether you love the thrill of speed or the joy of exploration, the Bay Islands are overflowing with adventurous opportunities.…
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Family-Friendly Caribbean Vacation

The Bay Islands are an ideal location for a family vacation. With so many options for fun activities and endless natural beauty to explore, kids find the Bay Islands to be an outstanding location. Here are some of our top tips for a great family-friendly Caribbean vacation in the Bay Islands. Book some excursions in…
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How to Learn to Scuba Dive

The majority of our planet is covered by water – so doesn’t it make sense to explore more than just what is on land? You’ll only see a small portion of Earth if you stay above sea level. There is no better time than the present, so here is all the information you need on…
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Best Diving in the Caribbean

There is a secret about the Bay Islands that has very slowly been coming to light in mainstream tourism. That secret is that the Bay Islands have the best diving in the Caribbean. You might not even know exactly where the Bay Islands are (yet, but just keep reading for a minute). You might not even…
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Activities for the Kids

A vacation to the Bay Islands offers a huge variety of activities for the kids. Whether your family wants to stay in the water every day or mix it up with some activities on land, too, the Bay Islands have it all. For Young Kids If you're looking for a few great ideas for your young…
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Live Music in the Bay Islands

There are so many reasons to love an island vacation, but live music in the Bay Islands is absolutely a great reason to love this holiday. What's better than dancing in the sand with people from all over the world, all while listening to local musicians doing what they love? That's why we love it!…
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