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Meet the Roatan Airport Volunteers

The Bay Islands Tourism Bureau started bringing volunteers to the Roatan international airport when immigration procedures changed back in 2014. In the years since, our volunteers have helped countless visitors and residents to smoothly get through the immigration and customs control...all with a smile and a friendly welcome! These Roatan airport volunteers are the first…
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Holiday Season in the Bay Islands

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year in the Bay Islands. From annual events and gatherings to charitable giving and community endeavors, the Bay Islands know how to celebrate and support each other. If you're considering visiting us, plan a trip during the holiday season in the Bay Islands. You won't regret it!…
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Flights to Roatan

There are so many ways to get to Roatan for your dream vacation! From Western Caribbean cruises to direct international flights, Roatan is becoming more and more accessible regardless of where you live. If you want to spend more than one day on the island, take a look at all of these options for flights…
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Spend the Holidays in Roatan

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands with the highest population and the most eclectic array of residents and services for tourists. If you opt to spend the holidays in Roatan, from Canadian Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve, you'll have plenty of fun celebrating! Here's a quick rundown of what you might find any given year…
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Medical Services in Roatan

Whether you're traveling to Roatan or moving to Roatan, we always think it's a good idea to be aware of available medical care. There are a variety of medical services in Roatan should you need any care while you're on the island, ranging from pharmacies to full hospitals. Here are the details for what you…
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Bring Donations to the Bay Islands

If you're hoping to do some good during your vacation to the Bay Islands, there are multiple organizations working in the area to help our communities. As in communities all around the world, residents in the Bay Islands support each other and work toward improving our neighborhoods. Whether your area of interest is schools, healthcare, child…
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Beat the Heat in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands of Honduras enjoy an incredible tropical climate all year-round. That means that sometimes we have rain, most times we have endless sunshine, and some days are just really hot! But, don't worry, we have some fantastic ways to beat the heat in the Bay Islands. Tropical Heat in the Bay Islands Generally speaking, the…
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Roatan Airport Greeters

Whether you've been to Roatan a thousand times or this is your very first visit, there's nothing quite like hearing the words, "Welcome to Roatan." We all love hearing it so much, that the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau has created a volunteer program for Roatan airport greeters. Our aim is to make your entry to…
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Roatan Weddings and Honeymoons

The island of Roatan offers an ideal location for a destination wedding or tropical honeymoon. We have countless beautiful locations throughout the island where you can celebrate with stunning backdrops. Roatan weddings and honeymoons offer that picturesque memory you'll keep for a lifetime. Roatan Weddings on the Beach Getting married on the beach has a dreamy…
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All About East End Roatan

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, drawing the largest number of tourists via international direct flights and Western Caribbean cruises. With the convenience of a direct international flight of less than 3 hours to multiple U.S. cities, more and more tourists are heading to Roatan for a tropical escape. In this…
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Car Rentals in Roatan

When visiting the island of Roatan, where you stay affects your need to rent a vehicle or not. The type of vacation you want also determines your need for a vehicle. Let's go through the options so you can better decide about car rentals in Roatan. Should You Rent a Car in Roatan? If your…
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Safety in the Bay Islands

Anywhere you travel in the world, it's important to understand your destination in terms of safety. Whether you travel to a city near your hometown or to a foreign country, if you're unfamiliar with an area there are certain steps you should always take. Safety in the Bay Islands is just like safety back home…
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