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Backpacking the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands can be a very affordable destination - even for backpackers. If you're considering backpacking the Bay Islands, here are a few tips on getting here from mainland Honduras and how to keep costs down. If you're backpacking through Central America, the Bay Islands should be included on your itinerary. Backpacking in Honduras Honduras…
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One Week in Roatan

A vacation in Roatan can be anything you want it to be: full of adventure and activity or utterly relaxing and stress-free. Here are a few ideas for one week in Roatan if you're coming to our beautiful island soon. Plan as little or as much as you'd like...but don't forget to set your watch…
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Happy Hour in the Bay Islands

Happy hour is everyone's favorite hour! In the Bay Islands, you'll find plenty of opportunities to celebrate another perfect day in paradise with a refreshing drink in hand. Enjoy a frozen cocktail on the beach or a local beer on your front patio while watching the sunset. Happy hour in the Bay Islands isn't just…
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Grocery Stores in Roatan

The Bay Island of Roatan is the most developed of the three main Bay Islands of Honduras. The largest of the group, Roatan has a resident population of approximately 100,000 people, plus a constant stream of tourists visiting the island temporarily. Given this large population – and especially the large expat population – the grocery…
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Eat Lionfish to Save the Coral Reef

If you've never heard of lionfish before, this is a very important lesson, so we beg you to please learn about this massive problem in the Caribbean. But the best part about this lesson is that, at the end, we'll encourage you to eat lionfish to save the coral reef. What are lionfish? Lionfish are…
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Bay Islands Local Beers

With the rise of more and more microbreweries in the United States and Canada, we're finding lots of tourists are asking about the variety of local beers available in the Bay Islands. People want to try something new and local, and we love to see that happen! You can, of course, find a multitude of…
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What are Baleadas

While cuisine in the Bay Islands may be historically centered around seafood (after all, we do live on islands surrounded by ocean!), there is also an incredible blend of other options available throughout the islands. One of the most prominent influences is from the Honduran mainland, which is why you may be asking, "What are…
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What is a Monkey Lala

While a Monkey Lala sounds like it could be a dancing chimp, you might be surprised to learn that it has nothing to do with monkeys at all. In fact, there are two different types of Monkey Lala, and neither of them has to do with monkeys! So, what is a Monkey Lala you wonder?…
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Caribbean Cuisine in the Bay Islands

Is there anything better than enjoying dinner with your toes in the sand? Yes, there is. Better is if that dinner is freshly caught seafood from the Caribbean Sea, which rests only a few feet from your sand-covered toes. That's the Caribbean cuisine in the Bay Islands. What is Caribbean Cuisine? Caribbean cuisine is what…
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Eating & Drinking in Paradise

There is no excuse for you not to try the traditional Bay Islands cuisine main ingredient: seafood! Most of the times served with rice and beans cooked in homemade coconut oil, and fried plantains chips. From fancy menus to creative served “on a leaf” food, you will find it.  But the most fascinating thing about…
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