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Backpacking the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands can be a very affordable destination - even for backpackers. If you're considering backpacking the Bay Islands, here are a few tips on getting here from mainland Honduras and how to keep costs down. If you're backpacking through Central America, the Bay Islands should be included on your itinerary. Backpacking in Honduras Honduras…
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One Week in Roatan

A vacation in Roatan can be anything you want it to be: full of adventure and activity or utterly relaxing and stress-free. Here are a few ideas for one week in Roatan if you're coming to our beautiful island soon. Plan as little or as much as you'd like...but don't forget to set your watch…
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Snowbirds in Roatan

Roatan is an ideal location for North American snowbirds escaping the winter cold up north. Direct flights from multiple U.S. and Canadian cities make the trip convenient and easy. A tourist visa upon arrival means no need for residency status for an extended stay. Snowbirds in Roatan also have ample to keep them entertained and…
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Beachfront Resorts in Roatan

Roatan has diverse topography and neighborhoods, with the shoreline changing from beach to iron shore to mangroves all around the island. If you want your accommodations to be right on the beach, make sure you're looking at beachfront resorts in Roatan specifically. There are many options to choose from and areas of the island to enjoy.…
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High Season in the Bay Islands

Like all areas with a large tourism industry, the Bay Islands have busier and slower times throughout the year. If you're taking a winter vacation, that's high season in the Bay Islands. It might be helpful to know what to expect when we're experiencing our busiest time of year. Book Accommodations Early When it's high…
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All About East End Roatan

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, drawing the largest number of tourists via international direct flights and Western Caribbean cruises. With the convenience of a direct international flight of less than 3 hours to multiple U.S. cities, more and more tourists are heading to Roatan for a tropical escape. In this…
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Caribbean Vacation Rentals in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands of Honduras offer an incredible tropical escape filled with lush jungle and stunning white sandy beaches. If you’re considering a vacation in the Bay Islands, you’ll find you have plenty of options for where to stay while you’re here. Why stay in a vacation rental Vacation rentals have become very popular among…
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Semana Santa in the Bay Islands

Semana Santa in the Bay Islands is the biggest week of the year. The week leading up to Easter Sunday is traditionally a week off of school in the region, plus many businesses close entirely or limit their opening hours to celebrate. In the Bay Islands, you won't find any tourism-related businesses closed during this…
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All-Inclusive Resorts in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands of Honduras are not mainstream Caribbean islands. We don’t have the typical line-up of all-inclusive resorts and chain hotels along our beaches, and we don’t have endless options for hotel points. What the Bay Islands treasure most is our natural beauty. A vacation to the Bay Islands of Roatan, Utila, or Guanaja…
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How to Find Hotels in the Bay Islands

If you’re coming to the Bay Islands for a vacation, there are many hotel options for you to choose from. We’ll help explain some of the variety of options, as well as how to find hotels in the Bay Islands as you plan your trip. The first important thing to consider when planning your trip…
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Romantic Getaway to the Bay Islands

An island vacation is the ideal romantic getaway, and heading to the picturesque Caribbean Bay Islands offers the next step of luxury, serenity, and complete privacy for your romantic getaway. With a plethora of small hotels and resorts dotted around the islands of Guanaja, Roatan, and Utila, you can take your pick for the perfect…
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