Caribbean Cuisine in the Bay Islands

Is there anything better than enjoying dinner with your toes in the sand? Yes, there is. Better is if that dinner is freshly caught seafood from the Caribbean Sea, which rests only a few feet from your sand-covered toes. That's the Caribbean cuisine in the Bay Islands.

What is Caribbean Cuisine?

Caribbean cuisine is what makes our mouths water as we daydream about a holiday in the sun while at home or in the office. Caribbean cuisine makes our eyes shine with delight as we take in all the vibrant colors and smells from centuries of shared traditions from varied groups.

The Bay Islands offer all this and more, with a continuous blend of international flavors coming through as more and more expats discover the hidden gems that are the Bay Islands of Honduras.

If you're a seafood aficionado, rest assured that your tastebuds will be delighted by locally caught fresh fish. Tuna, yellowtail snapper, wahoo, mahi mahi - they're caught in the morning and freshly prepared for you that same day. Lobster is another popular option, but only when it's in season. Be aware of the Bay Islands Sustainable Seafood Guide. Whether you are dining out or cooking at home, be sure to follow that guide to help the Bay Islands continue its sustainability efforts.

A new local favorite cuisine is actually the most sustainable seafood you can eat in the Caribbean! Have you ever heard of lionfish? Learn all about it and why it's important you eat it while in the Bay Islands.

What is traditional cuisine in the Bay Islands?

Our traditional local cuisine is a fusion of influences, just like the local culture. With Garifuna roots and countless different European visitors and settlers over the centuries, island cuisine has taken on many forms.

In the Bay Islands, you'll find lots of traditional Caribbean cuisine like coconut rice and beans, plantains, cassava bread, conch soup, and stewed chicken. You'll also find plenty of blended dishes, like barbeque chicken with potato salad, plantains, and coleslaw. It's a blend of every culture that has lived in the Bay Islands for centuries, and we love the mix!

Traditions have evolved over the years, and as tourism continues to grow in the islands, we are introducing an even wider variety of cuisines. Try all the various forms of Caribbean cuisine in the Bay Islands to truly learn the history and culture of our beautiful islands. It's a history as rich as the dishes you'll taste, with an ever-changing face as more and more international visitors and expats discover the Bay Islands.

Come be a part of history. Try our traditional local dishes, and then enjoy an eclectic variety of international fare, from Thai to Mexican, from Indian to Canadian - yes, you'll even find poutine in the Bay Islands!

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