Car Rentals in Roatan

When visiting the island of Roatan, where you stay affects your need to rent a vehicle or not. The type of vacation you want also determines your need for a vehicle. Let's go through the options so you can better decide about car rentals in Roatan.

Should You Rent a Car in Roatan?

If your vacation style revolves around sitting on the beach and strolling next door to a restaurant for dinner, then you likely don't need to rent a car in Roatan. Staying in any of Roatan's resorts means you likely won't be traveling too far from your accommodations.

We always recommend you take an island tour to explore more of our beautiful island. But you won't need to rent a car for daily use from a resort. Your activities, beach, and dining options will all be available on-site for your convenience.

If you stay in a vacation rental, you should ask the property manager about the need for a vehicle. Many vacation rentals on the western side of the island are easily accessible by public transportation. You can take a taxi or bus whenever you head somewhere new.

Most vacation rentals on Roatan's East End will require a vehicle because they are more remote. Additionally, you should ask the property manager what type of vehicle is best for the terrain. Some homes will require 4x4 vehicles for easier access.

Car Rentals At the Airport

There are multiple rental agencies with kiosks right at the Roatan International Airport. You can book your rental in advance online and simply check in at the desk upon arrival. If you require a specific type of vehicle, it's highly recommended that you book in advance to ensure its availability.

As with all car rentals, do a thorough inspection before leaving the airport. Also, make sure you ask any questions related to the specific vehicle.

Rentals Elsewhere on Roatan

There are several other local rental agencies located elsewhere on Roatan if you don't want to rent a car at the airport. These local agencies are particularly convenient if you only want to rent a car for a day or two during your stay. Their offices are located in more popular tourist areas, like West End, West Bay, and French Harbour.

Additionally, these companies are more likely to offer to meet you at another location for pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle. If you don't require a vehicle for the entirety of your stay, using a local rental company is a great alternative. You can support local business and avoid having to go to the airport from your accommodation.

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