Buy Honduran Gifts and Souvenirs

Wherever you travel in the world, it's nice to be able to bring home memories of your journey. If you want to buy Honduran gifts and souvenirs, there are multiple options in the Bay Islands for shopping. This list isn't exhaustive, but here are several options to consider if you're traveling to the Bay Islands.

Shop Responsibly

First and foremost: shop responsibly. There are several items that you should never purchase because of the damage their sales cause the local environment. From the Roatan Marine Park's recommendations, please do not buy the following items: seahorses, conch shells, turtle shells, or coral. By being a responsible tourist and not supporting these industries, you are helping to protect and preserve our environment.

Speaking of the Roatan Marine Park, their eco-store offers a plethora of great Honduran gifts and souvenirs! Check out the shop in West End at their main office, or their satellite stores at the Port of Roatan and at Mahogany Bay.

Buy Honduran Gifts

Honduras has a long history of agricultural production that continues today. Some popular products from Honduras include coffee, chocolate, and cigars. You can find all three in several areas of Roatan easily. Most grocery stores and mini-marts will have multiple options for Honduran coffee.

For fresh local chocolate, the Roatan Chocolate Factory is making and selling chocolate at their multiple locations in Roatan. You'll find them at both cruise ports, in West End, and at Alba Plaza in Sandy Bay.

For Honduran cigars, look at both Port of Roatan and Mahogany Bay for vendors rolling them freshly for you on the spot. In West End there are cigar shops to purchase Honduran cigars, as well as a wide variety of other regional cigars.

Other Souvenirs from Honduras

As with many tourism locations, the Bay Islands offer plenty of other souvenirs to take home. First, we love to recommend the following: "Take only photos, leave only footprints." It's great advice for all our water-loving friends and visitors. Do not ever remove anything from the ocean, unless it is recent trash that you can dispose of safely. Underwater creatures are not souvenirs to take home.

What you could take home is a custom t-shirt supporting your favorite local dive shop! Or purchase a Roatan Marine Park shirt to show your support for the reef and the whole ecosystem of our islands.

You can also take home some locally produced art. Those photos we mentioned? You can purchase professional underwater photos or beautiful paintings from local artists at the art galleries in West End. Across the street is more locally produced artwork - all from recycled materials! Rusty Fish offers unique Roatan gifts and souvenirs to remember your visit to the Bay Islands.

There are also lots of other souvenir shops offering items from mainland Honduras and the rest of the region. This is a great place to buy that hammock you want to string up back will remind you to relax on Island Time.

Do you buy Honduran gifts and souvenirs when you visit the Bay Islands? What's your favorite item to bring back home? Let us know using #Go2Roatan on social media!

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