Bring Donations to the Bay Islands

If you're hoping to do some good during your vacation to the Bay Islands, there are multiple organizations working in the area to help our communities. As in communities all around the world, residents in the Bay Islands support each other and work toward improving our neighborhoods. Whether your area of interest is schools, healthcare, child welfare, or elsewhere, there is much good you can do if you bring donations to the Bay Islands!

The Bay Islands of Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja all have very eclectic communities. Some of our neighbors could use a helping hand, just like your neighbors at home. At various times during the year, visiting veterinarians, doctors, and nurses come to the Bay Islands to lend their expertise. During the school year, parents and neighbors join together to provide educational services and extracurricular activities for kids. Throughout the year, the island community comes together to support neighbors in need.

If you're planning a trip to the Bay Islands, a great way to give back to the community welcoming you for a holiday is to bring donations from home. Some items are hard to get on an island - some are impossible. Bringing donations is a nice way to say "Thank you" for a vacation in paradise.

Bring Medical Donations

If you're able to pack extra medical supplies in your suitcase, the clinics and hospitals in the Bay Islands would be very appreciative. For ideas on what specifically to bring, you can look at the list of requests from Clinica Esperanza in Roatan.

Additionally, Not Just Tourists is an organization based in Canada that sends medical supplies to Roatan regularly. You can contact them if you're leaving from Canada to see if they have anything to send at the time of your departure.

Bringing School Supplies

With such a diverse group of students living in the Bay Islands, there is a mixture of public schools taught in Spanish and private bilingual schools. As with schools everywhere, budgets are tight and donated supplies are always welcome.

Whether it's pens and pencils or notebooks and supplies are great donations anywhere in the world! The schools in the Bay Islands are no exception.

Donate Your Sports Equipment

Kids and adults alike can have a tough time finding all of the necessary sports gear they might want on an island. If you have gear or equipment you're ready to donate, you can reach out to local groups on the islands to see if it could be of use. Soccer and baseball are the two most popular sports, so anything that would help individuals or teams to be better suited to play would be greatly appreciated.

Another set of gear to consider would be donated scuba equipment. Donating your kit in good condition could actually create a job for someone who might not be able to afford such expensive gear to get started in the industry.

Donations for Pets

Items like dog collars and flea prevention medication for dogs or cats can be incredibly useful for the groups working to help stray dogs and cats in the islands. There are several shelters or foster homes where pet supplies can add up to be quite expensive. You can reach out to these people to ask for specific needs, or just bring what you have and it will certainly find a good home and be of great use.

There are so many people doing good work in the Bay Islands for all types of reasons. If you're coming for vacation, it's a nice idea to give something to the community that is offering you a much-deserved break and a place to relax.

We look forward to welcoming you to our island home!

Don't forget to use #go2Roatan in all your social media posts! Show us the donations you've brought to the Bay Islands to say "Thank You!"

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