Best Diving in the Caribbean

There is a secret about the Bay Islands that has very slowly been coming to light in mainstream tourism. That secret is that the Bay Islands have the best diving in the Caribbean.

You might not even know exactly where the Bay Islands are (yet, but just keep reading for a minute).

You might not even be a scuba diver (yet, but just hear us out first).

You might not even be planning a vacation this year (yet, but we think we can convince you).

So first things first: The Bay Islands of Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja are located a quick 2.5-hour flight from Houston or Miami; there are even direct flights from Montreal and Toronto during the winter! Our treasured islands rest between 18 and 43 miles from the Honduran coastline, so we're well protected away from the main hurricane belt of the Caribbean. The Bay Islands enjoy a typical tropical climate with sunny days and clear, warm waters year-round.

A vacation to the Bay Islands can be filled with sun-drenched beach lounging and wading into the calm Caribbean water. It can be filled with shady palm trees and swinging in a hammock all day. But a vacation to the Bay Islands should also be filled with underwater marvels and stunning marine scenery.

The Bay Islands offer some of the best diving in the Caribbean - there's no disputing that. With the world's second-largest barrier reef terminating around the Bay Islands, we benefit from incredibly varied marine life and stunning coral surrounding our shores.

Learn to dive in the Bay Islands

But what makes diving in the Bay Islands so extraordinarily amazing is the easy, comfortable conditions for beginners and experts alike. If you are not yet a scuba diver, the Bay Islands are the best place to learn, no questions asked. For the investment you'll make in a lifelong diving certification, you won't find a better deal than dive shops in the Bay Islands.

Learning to scuba dive in the Bay Islands means you will experience calm water with minimal current or wave action. Getting in and out of a boat around the Bay Islands is one of the easiest experiences you could have while diving! The seas are often flat like glass, with visibility up to 80' or more. You can see the bottom before descending, and you'll always feel comfortable seeing everything in your surroundings.

With the plethora of dive shops available around the three main islands of Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja, you're sure to find a dive shop you'll love. If you're an avid diver, you won't find a shortage of intriguing topography and impressive marine life around the Bay Islands. Utila is known as the Whale Shark Capital of the Caribbean, and the reef around the Bay Islands is often regarded as one of the healthiest and most interesting in the region.

Dive into the Bay Islands

If you aren't yet planning a vacation for 2016, now is the time. Plan your escape to the undiscovered paradise that is the Bay Islands. Plan your escape from stress and from work. Plan for freedom as you explore the marvels of the underwater world around the Bay Islands...the best diving in the Caribbean.

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